‘I asked my friends to deep clean my house instead of throwing me a baby shower’

They say it 'takes a village to raise a child' but does it also take the same to prepare for one on the way?

Well, one woman believes it does and has sparked a debate online after she asked her friends to help her deep clean her house before her new arrival instead of throwing her a baby shower.

Nia Lui, from the US, regularly shares videos on social media about her time being pregnant and recently shared her hatred for baby showers. She told viewers that she "hates being the centre of attention" and that she can't stand "playing dumb party games".

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However, the resourceful mum had a more proactive alternative, which she calls a "nesting party". The concept is simple — your friends come together, not to shower you with gifts, but to assist in deep cleaning your home to prepare for your new arrival.

In a video, which has now gained more than 170,000 likes, the mum showed how all her female friends got together and throughly cleaned her home in just three hours. Her pals were seen cleaning windowsills, organising her pantry and hoovering her rug.

Describing the day, Nia said: "So I had my nesting party last night instead of a baby shower and it was amazing. My friend Bri organized it.

"I sent her a list of things that I wanted to get done before baby came, and she made little cards for each person to take on a section of the house. I kind of took on more of a supervisor role, kind of telling people where I wanted things and what I wanted to do with things.

"Then we took a dinner break, ate some soup, some sourdough bread, some treats, and just chatted about this baby and how it's going to be. And then we got straight back to work and everything was so clean and organized, and I feel so much more ready for this baby.

"Everyone brought freezer meals for me for postpartum and it was so much fun. I highly recommend a nesting party if you're getting ready for a baby."

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TikTok viewers were left divided over the video as while some thought it was "genius", others branded the expectant mum "entitled". One user wrote: "I feel like this would be amazing for people on their second third or fourth kid because there is just no time once you have other children."

Another added: "Genius." However, a third said: "I’m shocked at the entitlement. Has she ever cleaned their house?"

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Honestly, I’d prefer doing this to sitting for three hours watching someone open presents."

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