Hypnotherapist reveals how she unwinds to get a good night sleep

Struggling to sleep well at the moment? Hypnotherapist reveals the diet and routine she follows to get a good night’s rest EVERY time

  • Sydney hypnotist Claire Aristides has revealed how she gets a good night sleep 
  • Claire said her nightly routine often changes as she has two young children
  • But she always has a peppermint tea before bed and sleeps with a silk eye mask 
  • To zone out, she watches tv, relaxes with her husband and doesn’t use her phone
  • Claire also shared her tips for those who have trouble falling asleep at night 

Mindset expert and clinical hypnotist Claire Aristides has shared an insight into her nightly routine and how she unwinds before bed.

Rather than turning to in-depth sleeping techniques, the Sydney hypnotist uses ‘simple strategies’ to build regular habits and allow herself to relax in the evenings.

While her bedtime routine often changes as she has two young children, Claire told FEMAIL she always has a peppermint tea, zones out by watching a movie or television series and wears a silk eye mask to bed.

Claire also released a free Mindology app to calm and empower the mindset through visualisation and self-hypnosis, which she uses nearly every night. 

Clinical hypnotist Claire Aristides (pictured) has revealed the ‘simple strategies’  she uses to get a good night sleep 

‘If all goes to plan and the kids are in bed by 7:30pm, I unwind by catching up with my husband, watching television and aim to be in bed by 9pm,’ Claire said.

Claire added how she makes use of the 16:8 diet split whereby she doesn’t eat any food past 7pm to ‘support her sleep routine’.

‘People who have dinner later at night often go to sleep at a later hour too, but to be in bed by 9pm you need a decent amount of time between food and going to sleep,’ she said.

Before going to bed she resists using her phone to allow her mind to relax and ensure she isn’t thinking about work.

‘I must admit it’s been a huge challenge and it’s taken a lot of practice to put my phone down and leave it there before bed,’ she said.

Claire only uses her phone to play ‘soothing sounds’ using her Mindology app. 

Before going to bed she also resists using her phone to allow her mind to relax and ensure she isn’t thinking about work

Tips for unwinding at night: 

Build a routine that’s right for you 

Think about your mindset and how this impacts your sleep – feeling stressed or anxious before bed often leads to a bad night sleep 

Consider your sleeping conditions – are you warm or cool enough? Does your partner snore which keeps you awake? 

Wear an eye mask or use relaxing audio if needed 

Limit exercise an hour before your bed time – this will keep your senses awake for longer 

Establish a ‘sleep mindset’ – understand you must have a decent, deep sleep every night and there’s no such thing as a constant ‘bad sleeper’

On nights when she finds it difficult falling asleep, Claire focuses on her mindset and in a hypnotic way repeatedly tells herself she’s ‘really sleepy’.

‘Your sleep mindset makes a huge difference – for instance, if you tell yourself you’re a constant ‘bad sleeper’ or if you dwell on if you ‘had a bad sleep last night’ it impacts your ability to fall asleep,’ she said.

Claire said it’s important to understand the importance of deep sleeping and how it can have major impacts on your mood, mindset and energy levels. 

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