How to tell if your partner is likely to cheat just by looking at their fingers

These days it seems like scientist can work anything out, no matter how bizarre it may seem – from creating breastfeeding kits for men to finding an answer to obesity.

But one of the weirder things they’ve recently claimed to know is how to tell if your partner is going to cheat on you.

According to researchers at Oxford University, there’s a very simple way to work out if your significant other is likely to have an affair – and it’s all to do with their fingers.

The results of a study by Psychologist Dr Eiluned Pearce suggest that women who have long index fingers on their left hand are more likely to cheat.

The study was published in a Royal Society Journal which revealed Dr Pearce measured the finger lengths of 274 female volunteers as part of her work.

She also took samples of their DNA and had them complete psychological tests which focused on the quality of their relationships.

From her study she claims: "Women with higher (more feminine) left-hand digit ratios are more impulsive and rate their romantic relationships less favourably."

This finding was considered particularly "intriguing" because "the opposite might be expected".

Dr Pearce goes on to explain that typically scientists have believed women with higher index finger to ring finger ratio are viewed as "more feminized" and thus are more sought after by men.

Because of this, these woman have a lot of options when it comes to selecting a partner which in turn could lead to flings – or "opportunistic mating" and "impulsive mating" with men other than their partner.

She said: "If females with more feminized morphology have higher ‘mate value’, this might be associated with dissatisfaction with current partners, leading to impulsive extra-pair matings and seeking alternative mates.

"Indeed, our results chime with higher [index digits] in women being associated with reduced delay-discounting, implying higher impulsivity, which link to opportunistic mating."

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