How to improve your dating profile NOW

How to improve your dating profile NOW: Hinge relationship expert reveals the biggest turnoffs – and three things to include to stand out from the crowd

  • A dating expert from Hinge revealed how you can improve your dating profile
  • Logan Ury, from California, said you should avoid sunglasses and gym selfies
  • She recommends guys steer clear of snaps with fish or lots of friends 
  • Instead, include one clear headshot and a photo of your body, as well as variety

A leading dating expert has revealed how you can improve your profile to help your chances of finding love, and what to include to stand out from the crowd.

Hinge’s Director of Relationship Science Logan Ury, from California, appeared on Jana Hocking’s podcast Kinda Sorta Dating, and she shared exactly what you should and shouldn’t be including.

‘It’s not surprising to me that people struggle with their profiles, because dating is a skill and the only way to get better at it is to practice and get good advice,’ Logan said on the podcast. 

Logan revealed the biggest turn offs, and the exact photos to include to get a match.

A leading dating expert (Logan Ury pictured) has revealed how you can improve your dating profile to help your chances of finding love, and what to include to stand out from the crowd

What are the biggest turnoffs in a dating profile?

What to include to stand out for the right reasons 

1. VARIETY: Each picture should show a different element of your personality.

2. SPECIFICITY: Instead of saying something generic like ‘I love cooking’, be specific as people are more likely to engage.

3. ONE CLEAR HEADSHOT: Every profile needs to include one clear headshot without filters or sunglasses as people want to see your face. 

The first thing you want to avoid if you want to create a successful dating profile is a fishing photo if you’re a man, or a photo with any kind of fish you’ve caught.

‘People don’t like this style of photo, because it’s become a cliché,’ Logan explained.

‘You see it over and over around the world. Once a lot of people have this photo, it stops conveying new information and it’s just something that at best, you skim over, or at worst, you think is just like everyone else.’

The second biggest turnoff for the dating expert is a snap where you’ve either filtered it too much or you’re wearing sunglasses.

The reason why these don’t work is because people want to see what you look like, and both of these things make it harder to see your face. 

‘I would also avoid the “Where’s Wally” photo,’ Logan said.

‘It’s a group photo, there are tonnes of people, and they all look vaguely like you. It’s not conveying any information, it’s just confusing me.’ 

Lastly, you should avoid selfies – and particularly gym selfies – as people ‘just don’t like them’.

Logan (pictured) recommends you always include at least one clear headshot, as well as one picture where you can see your full body

What should you include to stand out? 

When it comes to the other end of the spectrum, when you want to stand out from the crowd for the right reasons Logan said you need to make sure your dating profile has variety.

What photos should you include? 

* The first photo should be a good, clear headshot without filters or sunglasses.

* Elsewhere, you need to include at least one full-body shot.

* Try to include one photo that shows you doing an activity you love with either friends or family.

* The remaining photos should add variety and show your personality. 

‘Your profile is your chance to tell your story, and that means showing different parts of who you are,’ Logan said.

You might want to show how you’re silly in one shot with a picture of you in your Halloween costume, but also that you’re serious and earnest, so you might answer one question by talking about how much you love your grandparents.’

Variety in the activities you choose for photos is good too, the expert said. 

Logan recommends that the first picture is a good clear headshot of your face, without filters or sunglasses.

The remaining pictures should include at least one shot that shows your entire body, and one doing an activity you love with friends or family.

Finally, add a few more snaps that add variety and show your personality.

‘Be specific in anything you write on your dating profile,’ Logan added.

‘Sometimes, people say things that are a bit generic, like I love cooking, travelling and hanging out with my family. Who doesn’t?’

She recommends that you share your dream vacation or exactly what you like cooking.

These are the reasons why you might stand out and why someone will say they want to get to know you.  

Logan Ury is a behavioural scientist turned dating coach, and the author of How To Not Die Alone. To find out more information about her, please click here.

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