How to clean your oven – using one simple BUTTON

A woman has managed to clean her oven without scrubbing away at the dirt and crumbs. Heather Fife took to the Facebook page Cleaning Tips and Tricks to reveal to fellow house-proud members how she did it.

Fed up of cleaning your own oven? Try using the self clean button.

Heather Fife told the Facebook group: “Omg in my 31 years i never used the self clean option until now!!!!

“I just scraped the loose food out and turned it on a 3 hour setting.”

Members were shocked at the sight of Heather’s spotless oven, and even more surprised to hear she didn’t use a single product.

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So what is a self-cleaning oven and how do you use one?

A self-cleaning oven is exactly what is says on the tin – an oven which cleans itself.

It uses high temperature to burn off leftovers from baking, without using any cleaning products.

By exposing stubborn food remains to 500C heat, it burns away into ash.

The process lasts around three hours, a little longer than it would take a professional to clean your oven.

You can’t do this in just any oven, because this would be highly dangerous.

Self-cleaning ovens have walls coated with heat and acid resistant porcelain enamel.

They are also designed to stay locked until the process is completed and the temperature has cooled down.

Self-cleaning ovens have more insulation than regular ovens in order to reduce the possibility of fire.

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It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? This might be the case, with other Facebook users commenting about the negatives of self-cleaning ovens.

One member said: “I recently used my self clean function and stopped it an hour in because the smell was horrible but the oven was spotless.

“I probably won’t do it again since it was so bad I had to open doors and windows.

“It’s says to ventilate your house really well when using it.

“Basically it rotates from extreme hot temps to lower until all the stuff inside turns to ash then cools completely and you wipe out the ashes.”

Self-cleaning ovens are convenient and time saving and a cheaper option than hiring a professional cleaner.

However, they don’t come without risks. A quick Google of the subject brought up a number of downsides to the appliance.

The bad smell the Facebook user was talking about is smoke and odors from the high temperature of burning.

This is often so bad it sets off a smoke alarm and lingers for a long time.

These fumes can be particularly dangerous to people who suffer from respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

It has also been suggested that self-cleaning ovens can produce a “concerning amount of carbon monoxide during the cleaning cycle”.

Before you try this out, read the instructions that came with your self-cleaning oven.

Do not try doing this with a regular oven.

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