How NFL Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Spent His Half A Billion Dollars

Patrick Mahomes may just be 25 years old, but he has amassed a fortune so vast that most people simply can’t compute his level of wealth. In fact, he is fresh off the signing of the largest contract in sports history, locking in on a 10 year deal worth a jaw dropping $503 million. Making history as one of the highest paid football players this world has seen, this star Quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs is poised to earn far more money than he will ever spend in his lifetime, and he has the mansions and the expensive lifestyle to prove it.

Of course, being 25 years old and absolutely filthy rich means that Mahomes has the ability to live a very lavish lifestyle. Chiefswire confirms that when it comes to luxury living, he doesn’t hold back. Fully enjoying the fruits of his labor, there are certainly a few things this super athlete indulges in.

Part Owner Of The Kansas City Royals

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Most fans connect Mahomes to football for obvious reasons, but those who know him well are aware of the fact that he also has a true passion for the game of baseball. He’s a talented baseball player and is so passionate about the sport that he decided to throw down some of his hard earned fortune towards buying a team.

That’s right, this young sports fanatic is now the proud new part-owner of the Kansas City Royals, making him one of the youngest sports stars to ever be involved in the ownership of a professional team.

According to YouTube, while there is no official report on precisely how much dough Mahomes dropped on the purchase of this team, it is estimated that a mere 1% ownership stake would cost a whopping $10 million.

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Of course, having this much money also gives Mahomes the ability to dress the part. With the ability to own the very best brands of clothing that money can buy, a recently aired YouTube video reported that he was spotted wearing a Paisley suit worth at least $1000.

That’s just a modest outfit. When it was his turn to shine on the cover of GQ Magazine, he picked things up a notch.

Wearing a jogging suit has never looked so impressive, and that’s because he rocked the cover of the magazine while decked out in a $3700 pant and jacket set.

That’s just a drop in the water compared to the big bucks that Patrick Mahomes has spent in other areas…

Jewelry And Watches

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Love knows no limits, and being engaged to his high school sweetheart means Patrick Mahomes had a ring budget that was boundless as well. When it was time for Mahomes to pop the question to long time girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, he did it with a ring that was worth more than most homes.

This stunner is reportedly an 8-10 carat emerald-cut diamond that has a value of roughly $800,00. Shelling out this kind of cash is no problem for Mahomes, and now that he has penned this new 10-year contract, more big diamonds are likely to be added to the collection.

Of course, Mahomes deserves some jewelry beyond his Super Bowl ring, and he has treated himself to some very expensive watches to match his power outfits. Reportedly the proud owner of a Yacht-Master Rolex watch worth more than $47,000, there’s no telling how many other expensive time pieces he owns in addition to this one.


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Patrick Mahomes has dedicated his time and energy to football, and this requires an incredible amount of physical training. It comes as no surprise that a man that works this hard, plays pretty hard as well. He and Brittany have been spotted taking some very luxurious vacations, and in case you’re wondering, they don’t get there on commercial flights.

They’ve been known to jet set to destinations such as Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas, and Disneyland. The pair enjoys traveling in private jets, with everything they could possibly desire, right there at their fingertips.


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As far as cars go, The Ferrari 812 Superfast is one of the most powerful, agile cars there is on the market. In fact, it’s the most powerful Ferrari the brand has ever made. It comes as no surprise that this beauty is one of the prized possessions in Patrick’s’ garage. If you have a need for speed, this supercar will absolutely blow your mind. It’s powered by a monstrous V12 engine and pumps out an impressive 800 horsepower of raw force.


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With over 180 shoes in his collection, Mahomes has a room dedicated to his shoes which are proudly on display and neatly organized to make the selection process easier. This incredible collection of sneakers includes many pairs of Adidas, which have been his sponsor for a number of years, as well as a wide variety of other brands. Notably worth mentioning is the pair of Yeezy’s that top his list of favorites. The Yeezy Boost 750 Triple Blacks which are said to be worth roughly $2000.

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