How Kate Middleton’s ‘caring’ and ‘positive’ parenting ‘shines through her children’

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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William have three children together and they have followed many Royal Family parenting traditions as well as speaking out frequently about parenting. What techniques do they use?

Kate and Prince William had their first child, Prince George, seven, in 2013.

Princess Charlotte, five, was born in 2015 and Prince Louis, two, was born in 2018.

While many people in the spotlight like to keep their children private, the couple’s children often join them at public events such as the royal Christmas Day service.

According to parenting expert Angela Spencer, Kate’s caring and positive nature of her parenting can be seen in the three children.

The expert told “I think it’s extremely hard to be a parent in this decade because in this age of social media every move we make is under scrutiny, but for a mum in the royal spotlight, that’s even worse.

“Having to parent in the public eye would be every mum’s nightmare, however the Duchess of Cambridge does it with such grace and serenity I have to say I’m a little jealous! It’s lovely to see her acting so naturally with her children and that they are obviously allowed to let their individuality be part of their public life too!

“The caring, positive nature of her parenting shines through her children.”

While there are many royal traditions, being affectionate in public isn’t often seen.

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The Duchess faces less protocol than a reigning monarch and modern norms allow her to act more naturally with her children.

Kate and William will often be pictured holding the children’s hands which is unusual for Royals.

When Prince William appeared on the That Peter Crouch podcast this year he was asked whether he had to persuade George to become an Aston Villa fan like himself.

He replied: “I’m trying not to persuade him to be a Villa fan, I’m letting him choose his own way. It’s about finding what fits for him.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seem to have encouraged their children to speak openly about their feelings and have encouraged their independence at a number of events.

The expert continued: “Being any parent is tough, but being a royal parent in the eye of the media 24/7 is another thing altogether!

“With mental health wellbeing concerns, particularly in children, rising at a worrying rate, added to ‘normal’ royal pressure to look and act perfectly all the time, Kate certainly has her work cut out.”

“The act of ‘setting boundaries’ has also become a dying art of parenting and it is very well documented that children thrive when given boundaries. Obviously, as society progresses those boundaries change to a degree but they have become almost extinct in recent years and this is a huge contributing factor to the mental health concerns we are seeing.”

However the expert explains that the children may be given some behavioural boundaries, as would be expected of children growing up within the Royal Family.

Angela added: “No one can assume what happens behind closed doors, particularly those of the Royal Family, but I do assume that Kate’s children are given boundaries which will actually be standing them in good stead for their future independence and roles within the Firm.”

“Whilst our children don’t have the same expectations of duty placed upon them, it wouldn’t go amiss to install some of the same sense of manners, etiquette, respect and compassion that the royal children display, again sadly it is a declining trend in many children.”

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