How Gwyneth Paltrow turned to the trend of 'stealth wealth'

How ‘stealth wealth’ helped Gwyneth Paltrow win Utah ski crash case: Goop founder used ‘quiet luxury’ to win over Utah jury – donning ‘understated’ (but VERY pricey) designs including $25K necklaces and $2.2K cashmere shirt

  • The actress won the case after she was sued for $300,000 by a retired doctor
  • It seemed Paltrow purposefully opted for a neutral wardrobe in the courtroom 
  • FEMAIL spoke to New York Stylist Liz Teich about the star’s sartorial choices

Gwyneth Paltrow tonight won her ski crash trial after a week of fashionable courtroom appearances where she deployed the Succession-style trend of ‘stealth wealth’.

The actress was sued for $300,000 by 76-year-old retired doctor Terry Sanderson who claimed she left him with permanent brain damage when she allegedly ‘slammed’ into him in 2016 in Deer Valley. 

But the jury in Park City, Utah, found that Sanderson was 100 percent at fault after the 50-year-old actress countersued for a symbolic $1 and attorney fees.  

Now as the legal victory washes over her, it seems Paltrow purposefully opted for a natural, neutral wardrobe in a bid to win over jurors in the blockbuster case. 

Gwyneth Paltrow appeared to have turned to the Succession-style fashion trend of ‘stealth wealth’ in the courtroom. Pictured: The actress on day one sporting Celine Triomphe Lace-up Leather Boots at $1,200 and Ray-Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses in the region of $163

Paltrow, 50, seemed to purposefully opt for a natural, neutral wardrobe in a bid to win over the jury in her Utah ski crash case. Pictured: She wore Caddis Metamodernist Scout Glasses for $129 on day two

Day three: The actress was wearing a Goop Bennett Belted Crewneck Cardigan at $595 and Foundrae’s Oversized Mixed Clip Chain with Engravable Heart costing $25,115

The key to the ‘quiet luxury’ look so successfully employed by HBO’s Roy family is to invest in classic, tailored pieces and avoid flaunting designer logos. 

This serves to create a chic and elevated look – and Paltrow seems to have taken this on board.

Throughout the trial, she opted for ensembles in understated colors such as khaki, navy, tan, grey and white – but there is still a costly price tag attached.

Could her stripped-back sartorial decisions have impacted proceedings?

FEMAIL spoke to Liz Teich, who runs The New York Stylist, ahead of the verdict about whether it could have worked in her favor. 

FEMAIL spoke to Liz Teich (pictured), who runs The New York Stylist, about whether Paltrow’s fashion choices could work in her favor in the courtroom

The key to the ‘quiet luxury’ look so successfully employed by HBO’s Roy family is to invest in classic, tailored pieces and avoid flaunting designer logos. Pictured: Succession’s Kendall and Shiv

Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘stealth wealth’ staples

Day One 

Celine Triomphe Lace-up Leather Boots: $1,200 

Ray-Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses: $163 

Day Two

Caddis Metamodernist Scout Glasses: $129 

Day Three

Goop’s Bennett Belted Crewneck Cardigan: $595 

Foundrae’s Oversized Mixed Clip Chain with Engravable Heart: $25,115

Day Five

Prada’s Polo Cashmere Shirt: $2,200

Prada’s Monolith Brushed Leather Boots: $1,450

Day Six 

Goop’s Alisha V-Neck Cardigan: $595 

Day Seven

Goop’s Camila Bow Blouse: $425

Proenza Leather Wide-Leg Leather Culottes: $895

Speaking about how Paltrow has embraced the ‘stealth wealth’ and ‘quiet luxury’ trends, Liz told FEMAIL: ‘Gwyneth has mastered the art of dressing with luxury pieces, without flaunting it with logos or with mainstream designs. 

‘She looks put together with high end pieces that are understated, polished and minimal, so it’s not in your face, but we’re all noticing how great she looks. 

‘She can wear a $25,000 necklace and $1,500 Prada boots, and unless you’re a fashion insider, you may not know.’

Elaborating on the actress’ potential motivations, she added:  ‘I think the trial for her is about the principle of defending her reputation, rather than her losing out on money, so she’s likely showing that through her wardrobe. 

‘She’s always been one to wear minimal design, so this is not a surprise that she’d select designers like The Row, which is the Olsen twins’ sleek minimalist line known for their outrageous prices. 

‘Wearing their coat that costs more than most people’s mortgage is normal to her.’

And it seems likely that the decisions swayed the jury.

Liz said: ‘I’m sure that selecting subdued minimalist designer pieces is a way to look relatable yet pulled together, and she isn’t trying to show off her fame and fortune. 

‘Whether it works or not, the jury is out that she’s solidifying her style icon status!’ 

And speaking about how ‘stealth wealth’ is spreading, she told FEMAIL: ‘From Succession to the resurgence of the 90’s minimalism in street style, we’re seeing more wealthy people select designers like Loro Piana, Brunello Cuccinelli, Zegna, The Row, MaxMara, and invest in pieces that will retain value as trends come and go.

‘It’s like an “if you know you know” nod among the super rich, as logos have become flashy and feeling cheap.

‘Mainstream designers seem to be taking note with more minimalist collections and pre-owned 90’s styles from sites like The Real Real seem to currently be the most coveted.’

Liz told FEMAIL that Paltrow’s (pictured on day four) choices make her seem ‘put together with high end pieces that are understated, polished and minimal’

Pictured: Paltrow sported a $2,200 Prada Polo Cashmere Shirt which she teamed with $2,200 Monolith Brushed Leather Boots from the same brand on day five (left) and she was seen wearing Goop’s Alisha V-Neck Cardigan for $595 the following day (right)

Day Five: The 50-year-old wore a $425 Goop Camila Bow Blouse which she teamed with Proenza Leather Wide-Leg Leather Culottes at $895

Liz said that Paltrow’s appearances in the courthouse (day eight, left, and day nine, right) are ‘solidifying her style icon status’

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Liz previously told FEMAIL about where to begin when it comes to achieving the ‘quiet luxury’ look.

She said the best way to start your wardrobe is with ‘tailored, understated pieces’ mixed with ‘staples like button downs and turtlenecks, often in monochromatic tones.

‘My clients and Instagram followers always say that basics are so “boring” but when done well, they can look so elevated.’

She added: ‘I always say invest in a great suit – it doesn’t have to be super pricey -because you always look polished, even when paired with a tee and sneakers, and it’s so versatile to mix and match with. 

‘Everyone needs at least one quality blazer, as this is something you can pair with everything, especially throwing it over any top for a Zoom call.’ 

Much to the delight of her followers, throughout the legal proceedings, Liz has been sharing updates about where people can source dupes for Paltrow’s ensembles in order to recreate the look for less.

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