Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Sunday, November 5


You’ve been working hard and now it’s time to push responsibilities aside for a few hours, at least. Your social world is the place to be. If you are new to your area, a community gathering will be an ideal chance to meet people and make friends. You have to make an effort if you are hoping to widen your social circle.


For a close relationship to work you need to be honest with each other and to have faith in each other. During times of trial, having a partner’s support will make you feel more confident and courageous. If recently there have been misunderstandings, work on ways to build better bonds between you.


A friend or relative who urges caution every step of the way is holding you back. You can’t get ahead when you’re with someone who constantly pours cold water on your ideas. If you feel like taking a small risk or two, let them know that this is your choice, not theirs.


You’ve always been sensitive to other people’s feelings and you can feel someone getting annoyed because they are waiting for a decision from you. This is something you don’t want to be rushed into and they need to respect you aren’t yet ready to make a final choice.


It will be through sticking with your own methods, preferences and routines that you will get on best with everyday tasks and chores. Agreeing to go along with someone else’s suggestions will only make you confused and angry when their ways won’t suit you at all.


If you had the chance to think about it you may have doubted your ability to cope with all that is suddenly thrown in your direction. As it is, you will get amazing results from taking on a difficult challenge. Keep up the good work.


Someone who half expected you to raise objections to their suggestions will be delighted when you take them up on an exciting offer. You won’t hold back if you suddenly feel like trying out some ideas, plans or activities that aren’t your usual weekend things. Group activities will bring pleasure.


Someone who appears to have more experience, qualifications or superiority than anyone else in the group will insist on leading the way. This could cause a lot of confusion and disappointment when it turns out they have made a very bad choice or decision.


A new neighbour is starting to intrude. Demands they are making on your time makes you wonder if this is going to be the start of a regular habit. It might be worth reminding an older relative who is equally as demanding that you do have a life of your own.

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Someone close is reluctant to experiment with anything new due to a mistake they recently made. This attitude is holding them back. If you ask for their help with a complicated task, this could do a lot to restore their faith in themselves.


Communication is key to keeping a community effort running smoothly. With everyone being so friendly and cooperative, no problems are foreseen. You have talents that other people admire and appreciate. Someone will ask if you can teach them a skill.


The enthusiastic support of your partner will give you the confidence you need to go ahead with a special idea. Are you single and hoping for more than a casual flirtation? It will be up to you to make the first move in romance or the relationship you are hoping for won’t get off the ground.

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