Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Saturday, August 19


You have seen your dreams dashed in the past and you will have had to steel yourself for such possibilities again. It will be a massive relief now that it is over and you can celebrate a big win. There will be a final exciting twist and fairy-tale ending to a group event.


Providing you have weighed the pros and cons you should come out on top in any transactions you make. If you are in the process of selling property or a vehicle, you will be offered a fair price. An important decision needs to be made. This is something you must decide for yourself.


You sense your progress is being monitored in a workplace situation. A tense exchange of words will allow you to show your superiors you can be both responsible and diplomatic. This will help your standing for a future promotion. Someone in a high position is impressed by your skills.


Carelessness in all areas should be avoided. If you don’t watch your words someone could catch you off guard and persuade you to indulge information that should have been kept a secret. An intense relationship could also prompt you to reveal too much about yourself too quickly.


An offer made to you by a friend of a friend will sound tempting. Wait until you have looked into this further before giving a definite response. Changes being made will excite you but you need to be certain these are right for you. This may not be an ideal time to make new starts.


You get the impression a partner or close friend is putting themselves under a lot of unnecessary pressure. It is going to be difficult to broach this subject and you aren’t sure they will take your advice but at least if you talk to them about it, you will have given them something to think about.


You look and feel fantastic and people enjoy your company. Your ideas will prove popular if you express your thoughts in a group situation. The more you share the more others will respect you. Take any opportunity to break from your usual routines. It will do you good to enjoy a change of scenery.


Are you placing too much importance on the views of a friend or neighbour? They may not support or understand your current interests but you don’t need anyone else’s permission to pursue your dreams. Going after what you really want will give you a fresh lease on life.


Money is tight. A relative will offer to help you keep on top of household bills. You will take their offer but this does not stop you from being embarrassed to have to rely on their generosity. It can feel as if you have no control over your financial situation when everyday expenditures keep rising but your income remains the same.


You are having to cater for some uninvited guests. They could run up quite a lot of expense. As well as not having anticipated their appearance, by the time they leave your cupboards will be a good deal more empty. You can envisage having to do some economising over the weeks ahead.


You might not agree with something a friend intends to do but you don’t have to fall out over it. Once you’ve voiced your opinion you will also tell them that you respect their choices and it’s up to them what they are going to do. Work on a creative idea and it will yield great fruit.


A relationship you value is going through troubled times. The sooner you sit down with each other and talk things through the better. A good honest and open heart to heart conversation will work wonders and will help to bring the two of you back together again.

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