Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for October 6

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Be patient with a new colleague, boss or neighbour. You may not be impressed with some of the things they do or say but they are still trying to find their way. Once they feel more at ease, their true potential will shine through. They will be grateful for your understanding.


News of a birth or pregnancy will delight you. This could also be symbolic of new starts in other areas of your life. Pause for a few moments to take it all in. Reflect on your life and relationships and then prepare yourself for a bright new beginning.


A colleague or work superior expects your moral support. You understand why they ask but if you disagree with the way they are going about things, you will prefer not to have anything to do with it. Don’t let them bully you into changing your mind.


You have always been sensitive to other people’s feelings. Someone will have some wonderful news to share and you will be happy for them. You won’t let your heart rule your head but an intensely emotional situation will make you feel sentimental. Still, you will find yourself making a very practical decision.


You don’t mind taking on extra responsibilities when someone promises to make it worth your while. Besides, what seems like hard work to others will be almost child’s play to you. Being able to vary your duties will feel therapeutic.


You know what is good value for money. You hope housemates who are planning to spend a lot on a new appliance will listen. Your views may not be shared by someone else who has more extravagant ideas and they will try to make things difficult for you.


There are aspects, relationships and commitments of the past that can now be put behind you. It will be a big relief to let go and know that upsetting issues aren’t ever going to bother you again. You’re able to channel your energy now in a more positive and profitable direction.


Developments in the workplace will be like a breath of fresh air. What happens will take you by surprise. You won’t be the only one who will show interest in a new job assignment that is very different to your usual tasks. This could mean taking on additional training.


You will be invited to join a sports team or group effort. As exciting as this might be, think about what is likely to be involved and then ask yourself: do you really have the time? You don’t want to take on so much that you are spreading your interests too thin.


A complicated and laborious assignment is starting to annoy you. You wonder if it is ever going to go right. Keep trying. People in high places are working hard on your behalf and you could be surprised by how suddenly everything will turn out well for you.


Recently too many people have been expecting far too much from you. You have been putting yourself out to keep on top of demands coming to you from all directions. It is time you made it clear to some that you do actually have a life of your own.


You find yourself having to apologise for a friend or partner for not being in a place where they are supposed to be. This will annoy you because you do feel they could have made more effort and you are tired of being the one who always has to cover for them.

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