Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for March 23


Friends are speculating that something important is about to happen. There is a lot of excitement in the air and you can sense it too. Trust your intuition. Be ready to take advantage of an amazing opportunity. Hesitation could lead you to miss out on something big.


Someone will ask for advice on a financial matter or relationship problem. Although you know they value your views, this issue should still be approached with care. It would be better if they made their own decisions rather than act on your suggestions.


There are jobs you would like to get out of the way and if you were to be honest with yourself you would admit they are getting boring. Still, the work has to be done and you will need to be sensible and not to expect quick results.


A professional person you need to talk to will be domineering and aggressive. You feel intimidated by their attitude and although it won’t be easy to stand up for yourself, you should not let them bully you. Ask for help from someone higher-up if you feel you need it.


When you think about what is holding you back you will realise it is the lack of enthusiasm and interest of other people. The effort you are putting into trying to inspire others who won’t put effort into a joint project is wasting your time and energy. It would be more sensible to go it alone.


An official looking letter will bring your attention to a tax, insurance or financial matter. Although this will worry you, at first, this may not be as urgent as it first appears. You will get the green light to make a start on plans that have been discussed for some time.

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You’re tempted to make a joint decision without waiting to hear a partner’s thoughts on the matter. If you make a choice without them knowing, once they get to hear about it, they will object loudly about what you have done.


A surprise offer won’t be as wonderful or as lucrative as someone is making it out to be. If you rush into anything too eagerly you may get more than you bargained for. A job related problem will be satisfactorily resolved thanks to the advice of a senior colleague.


Someone will offer to pay you for your talents. Whether you are helping an elderly relative get online, a neighbour writes their memoirs or you have been asked to teach a friend a skill, this will give your ego a boost. You might also enjoy sharing your knowledge with others in a teaching situation.


Something will crop up that will result in a sudden change of plans. Although this can’t be helped, it will upset you. If this has happened before this could be the last straw. You will be seriously considering new routines.


You won’t really want to get too tied up in routine concerns. Because of this, if someone offers to take over a few of your jobs, you will happily accept their offer. What you really need at this time is a change of scene.


Expect the unexpected. A sudden idea you come up with will have huge consequences when someone gets to hear of this and knows of a way to turn this into reality. If you’ve agreed to take part in a long journey as a fund-raising project, make sure you are adequately prepared.

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