Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for March 21


A letter or parcel that has been delayed will finally arrive. Included with this is something you weren’t expecting to receive until the very end of the month. Matters that have been pending regarding your job or finances will be brought to a conclusion.


You’re spending more time than you would prefer with someone who is prying too much into your business. It doesn’t matter if it makes you appear aloof you will continue to think carefully before you speak when with a friend, workmate or neighbour who is trying to get too many personal details out of you.


Enjoy the sociable and upbeat mood around you. Any job or project involving a group of people should go well. Excitement over a forthcoming event will fill the air but you will remain practical as you plan ahead and when it comes to implementing ideas.


You are more than capable of taking on new responsibilities even if these are something you have never done before. You aren’t letting anything bother you much and you’re only too ready to step into the breach left by a sick or departing colleague.


You will be making notable progress with a joint effort thanks to the knowledge or experience of a partner. You’re learning as you go and although you might feel your contribution isn’t making a difference, it will be. Someone is telling the truth when they say they could not manage without you.


Your advice is needed in an important discussion. Share your ideas. People will find them helpful and useful. You might feel someone is holding back deliberately but you will soon find out why and when you add it all up you will realise they’ve actually been more of a help than you first thought.

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Success with a creative effort will lift your spirits. A volunteer or community effort is progressing well. Agreeing to take on more could be your downfall. You have enough on your plate already. A lunchtime meeting will be good for your job prospects.


A lucky break will make you feel as if your Guardian Angel is watching over you. Business meetings and seminars will pave the way for you to further an important ambition. Taking a short trip later on will add even more interest to your day.


The chance to get involved in a new project will sweep away those mental cobwebs. This will be a great opportunity to showcase your skills. Some big changes will result in a complete change of routine. You may not have realised how much you needed more creative stimulation.


Something that you are using on a normal day to day business does not seem to be working any more. If you are told to pause certain endeavours you will do what you have to do to comply with regulations. A system is collapsing and needs to be reviewed.


New developments will turn a personal issue that is linked to someone you work with into a complicated one. You are trying not to worry about this too much. A secret agreement will be the cause of a big argument. Someone comes to a totally wrong conclusion.


You will be keen to get started on a new group project but there is a need to wait until others are ready to begin this too. Heed the advice of a cautious friend. They aren’t holding you back because it suits them. They can see where patience is necessary.

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