Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for January 31

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New technology is being used in response to concerns raised in the workplace. Early indications are that this is a success. There will be more coming out of new arrangements than you first imagine. Everyone will be affected by a decision made by those in power.


You’re being open about how you feel and you aren’t doing this to stir up conflict. You know there is a possibility of causing tension by being honest about your opinions but it is time for you to be clear about your thoughts, feelings and intentions.


You’re holding your thoughts and feelings behind a wall of restraint because you don’t want to upset anyone. You long to break free from an arrangement that is becoming too tying and restrictive so you have the freedom to move forward creatively on your own.


A friend or workmate who has a tendency to dramatise situations is trying to turn an event into something bigger than it actually is. You have the knowledge needed to lessen the emotional impact they are making. Sticking to the truth is crucial, no matter who you find yourself talking to.


You know in your mind what’s best for you but when decisions involve other people too, you need to consider their needs. You prefer to take an independent approach but when this is not possible it will be important to talk to others before filling in your schedule.


The more flexible your approach, the easier you will find it to get through today. There is no reason whatsoever to pretend you are in control if you aren’t. Neither do you have to feel obliged to take on a leadership role if you don’t feel qualified to do so.


Your patience is running short. Someone objects to every suggestion and this is delaying the progress of a group project. Losing your temper will not be helpful. If you want to make things better you may have to find a way to get around this awkward person.


You might perceive or you just want to believe someone is coping better than they actually are. A close friend or relative will not want to admit they are struggling. Subconsciously, you want a situation to improve but is someone tricking you into thinking everything is alright when it isn’t?


You want to challenge yourself and you feel restless for a change but take care you don’t take on more than you can comfortably handle. You might find a way to manage all that you take on but you’re likely to exhaust yourself in the process.


You are being expected to make an important decision about a financial matter. You can’t put this off any longer. A definite conclusion must be reached and this can only be possible when this is discussed and the matter agreed on, once and for all.


You might look back on recent events and feel you have judged someone too harshly. Until you have discussed this with them, you will not be able to get it out of your mind. An apology will be made as you feel guilty enough to admit the mistake has been yours.


Mixing business with pleasure will have its fun moments but there will also be times when you need to watch what you say. Thinking before you speak will prevent you from getting into trouble. Pay attention to social protocols and if you witness something amusing, wait until you are on your own before giving in to laughter.

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