Holby City star teases show finale 'It left me emotionally exhausted!'

As we near ever closer to the finale of Holby City, Davood Ghadami has given his thoughts on the last episode.

It’s hard to believe Davood hasn’t even played Eli Ebrahami for a year, it certainly feel like he’s been there for ages. His first episode aired last July – one month after the show’s cancellation was announced.

Last week, Eli’s storyline pretty much drew to a close. He informed Jac (Rosie Marcel) – who was waiting for her operation – that wife Amelia (Lucy Briggs-Owen) was pregnant with their first baby after years of IVF and struggling to conceive.

It was a happy ending for Eli, but can the same be said for other Holby characters?

Here, in Metro.co.uk’s final chat with a Holby star, Davood reveals more about next week’s very emotional episode.

‘I think the finale will be for long term fans of Holby and for people who have tuned in just to watch the finale, the ending goes beyond just tying up Holby City as a show. I’m expecting that people will enjoy the ending for the sake of the fact it will tie up their Holby experience, but I’m also expecting people to be potentially emotionally affected in a way they weren’t expecting. It’s a slow burn on the last ep, but then there is a slow gut punch at the end! By the time you’ve taken a breath, I think that emotion really washes over you then. It’s such a strange one, I was so in the moment when watching it that afterwards, I was very quiet.

‘I think the finale does the show as a whole a huge amount of justice’, he continued.

‘It has a definitive end to something that continues if that makes sense? The NHS doesn’t just stop, Holby City can’t stop because we know Casualty is continuing, it has to continue. There is a love of the characters and a love for the show in the finale, there are so many amazing shots at the end and the conversations between the characters, they are just so loaded because their relationships go back so far, that was so good to see, it’s really tied everything together.’

‘Eli’s storyline is over before the end, so a lot of stuff in the finale I hadn’t seen. Even though I knew what was coming, it was still very emotional. For those who are not expecting anything, I think they will find it very hard hitting. It’s a wonderful, quality performance from everyone. It left me a little bit exhausted!

‘It’s a hell of a way to say goodbye, that’s what I’ll say. I think it’s a great episode for anyone to watch.’

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