Hilarious pictures reveal innocent kids’ drawings

They won’t be going on the fridge! Amused parents share unintentionally hilarious works of art by their children – depicting ‘wine o’clock’ and rogue chin hair

  • Hilarious drawings were shared online by parents from around the world 
  • One mother was unimpressed when her son drew her face – ‘chin hair’ included 
  • And a six-year-old sketched her family snorkeling, with rather sinister results

The catchphrase goes that ‘kids really do say the funniest things’ – and it turns out that it’s also true for putting pen to paper. 

Parents from around the world have shared hilarious artwork created by their children with the website Family Days Tried and Tested, which turned out unintentionally rude., which turned out unintentionally rude.

From a six-year-old who rustled up a rather questionable picture of her family snorkeling to a son who sketched his mother with ‘rogue chin hair’ included, these pictures will leave you in stitches.  

Not one for the mantelpiece! This six-year-old innocently drew a picture of her family snorkeling on holiday – without realising that it looked like a far more sinister scene 

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A mother was stitched up by her five-year-old in this hilarious picture which she dubbed ‘scarily accurate’, after she was drawn with a bottle of wine in her hand 

When asked what she thought her teacher should be, one little girl wrote ‘a demon,’ before justifying what lead to her abrupt answer. ‘We think she is evil’ she said

When a youngster was asked to draw a picture of his family whilst at nursery, the outcome had hilarious and rather detailed results

When this intrigued mum asked her son what the lines were on her neck were supposed to be, he had no idea of his rather offensive answer. ‘Oh that’s your rogue chin hair,’ he comically told her

One woman was horrified by the illustration her five-year-old son drew in a neighbour’s Christmas card – until she realised it was a person in the shower with shampoo and a hairdryer and not an axe, as she’d first thought

When a young girl declared her favourite thing to do it to ‘cook,’ she decided to illustrate the picture with an unintentionally funny wooden spoon 

A clever five-year old had picked up on her mother’s love of an occasional glass of wine – and decided to draw a picture at daycare for everyone to see

When one little girl decided to draw a picture of her dad, she gave him a rather unusual body shape

This picture that a six-year-old drew of his brother petting his beloved rabbit left his mother in stitches – and it’s clear to see why

This unintentionally phallic picture was supposed to be of a girl sitting down on the grass – but its been easily misconstrued by many as something a little cruder




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