Here's Why Daenerys Will Be Forced to Kill Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Season 8

The story of Azor Ahai has been looming over Game of Thrones since the series began. The tale of a warrior who wields a flaming sword and drives away the darkness is so powerful that it drove Melisandre to sacrifice poor Shireen. Ultimately, if the prophecy is true, there’s only two real candidates: Daenerys Targaryen or Jon Snow. The show is working extra hard to make people believe that Jon is Azor Ahai reborn, but there are some subtle signs that suggest Daenerys is the true savior that Westeros has been waiting for — and if she is, then she might just be destined to kill Jon Snow.

Reddit user ssoko suggests that Daenerys will kill Jon in order to temper the legendary sword Lightbringer. This feeds into the tale of the original Azor Ahai, who it is said tempered Lightbringer by thrusting the blade into the heart of his wife, Nissa Nissa. The story suggests that it’s only through sacrifice that the hero can forge a weapon strong enough to defeat the darkness of the long night. Now, Jon and Daenerys are facing a reality where the Night King and his undead army are threatening every living thing in Westeros, and in their own way, they each possess enough requirements to fulfill the prophecy that heralds the second coming of Azor Ahai.

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