Here's How Queen Elizabeth Really Feels About Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle joined the royal family when she married Prince Harry less than one year ago. And since then, she’s been a major subject of the media. Some suggest she’s broken tradition a few times. Others say her family drama is becoming too much for the royal family. Others believe her relationship with Kate is tense, which is why she and Harry don’t want to live in Kensington Palace. But what is her relationship like with the queen?

The Queen allowed Meghan to participate in royal events before she married Harry

This came as a shock to everyone. Most of the time, royal family outsiders are not allowed to partake in any royal events until after they’ve officially been married into the family. (The year before Prince William and Kate Middleton wed, Kate still spent Christmas with her own family.) However, Meghan was invited to spend Christmas with the royal family back in 2017. Meghan and Harry were engaged by then but not married. The queen broke royal protocol by letting Meghan attend the holidays, which made everyone think she must be smitten over her future granddaughter-in-law.

The two appear to have a lot in common

Elizabeth and Meghan have reportedly bonded over a lot of things they have in common. Both of them love dogs; Meghan took a liking to the queen’s dogs, which impressed Her Majesty. They both love fish, too (not shellfish, though, since the queen has banned those from the royal menu). The two women enjoy having tea together, and prior to the royal wedding, the queen invited both Meghan and her mother to tea.

Meghan has broken some royal rules, of which the queen likely wasn’t a fan

Although things seemed to be going very well between Meghan and the queen, the Duchess hasn’t exactly followed every royal rule. And those moments didn’t go unnoticed. When Meghan presented at the British Fashion Awards, she was wearing extremely dark nail polish — a royal no-no. And when she attended the queen’s Trouping the Color, she wore an off-the-shoulder dress; revealing outfits are not typically allowed in the royal family. Although Meghan has had some royal protocol mess-ups, they’ve all been rather harmless.

The queen wasn’t a fan of the drama occurring between Meghan and Kate

One thing the queen disliked: The supposed drama between Meghan and Kate. Rather, the queen hated how much the media was highlighting the supposed drama. Sources said the queen had “reached her limit” with the constant reporting of things being wrong between the two duchesses. It seems the media has cooled off with constant articles about problems occurring between the two, and the queen couldn’t have been happier that things had finally simmered down. However, she never actually commented on whether there were true problems between the two royals.

It seems Meghan and the queen get along well, provided Meghan continues to succeed at her role in the royal family   

All things considered, the relationship between the queen
and the duchess appears to be a good one. However, that doesn’t mean Meghan can
slack in her royal performance. The duchess needs to continue representing the
family in the most respectful way, which she does, in order to continue winning
the queen’s heart. After all, Meghan and the queen might be close, but nothing
matters more to Her Majesty than her family.

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