Hello, Your Sex Horoscope for the Week Is Here

What’s happening: Tonight, Mars enters flamboyant Leo, filling you with confidence and encouraging you to make your sex life as exciting as possible. On Sunday, Venus connects with Uranus, suggesting surprise new love connections. On the same day, however, the Sun and hazy Neptune square off, making it easy to get played.

The rest of the week is pretty quiet, except for one thing. On Monday, there’s a lil (big) thing called Saturn square Uranus, which represents the climax of a long-term battle in your life—including relationships. Also, Mercury is still retrograde and we just had an eclipse. Translation: Don’t be surprised if there’s drama this week!

What that means for you:


Mars in Leo kicks off a six-week period where your sex drive is low-key out of control! This weekend, you’re being encouraged to spice things up in the bedroom, so treat yourself to some new toys or lingerie, or just try something a lil freaky-deeky in bed. Mercury Retrograde is still working its magic, however, so don’t be surprised if your ex slides into your DMs. Remember: Just because you have history with them doesn’t mean that you should take them back. They’re your ex for a reason—so just hit block!


Now that Mars is in Leo, you’re feeling more introverted and focusing on life at home, your family, and your roommates. In other words, the most action you’re gonna get is in the form of a steamy Netflix and chill sesh. That being said, Sunday’s a fun little day where surprise connections and exciting conversations re: your love life are very likely to happen—so keep an eye out for hotties sliding into your DMs or risqué texts from your boo!


This weekend, you’re feeling social and confident, making it easy to hit up your crush, start The Talk with your date, or begin a discussion about upgrading your relationship with your boo. You just risk one teensy little problem, and that’s your tendency to talk, talk, talk—and not really listen. Mercury Retrograde in your sign makes it easy to screw up your fav pickup lines, or just constantly interrupt your date. Think before you speak, make sure you listen, and you can make a ton of magic happen this weekend, bb! HBD!


Your sex drive is taking a real hit this weekend, Cancer—but not in a bad way. Mars has been in your sign for the past several weeks, supercharging your libido. But with Mars jumping into Leo, now’s the time to give it a rest, recharge, and enjoy a bit of a refractory period, ya feel me? That being said, this weekend can be really nice if you’re down to clown in a romantic context—Venus and Uranus are connecting of Sunday, providing the perf astro-vibe for shooting your shot, going on a marvelous first date, or just spending a lovely evening with your boo!


It’s a pretty emotional week ahead, NGL. If you’re single and dating/fooling around with others, one (or more) of them wants to change your relationship status. This could mean DTRing—even though that’s a bad idea during Mercury Retrograde—but it could also mean breaking up. There’s some sort of emotional breakthrough taking place, and you’re being pushed to let it all out. Acknowledge your emotions, honor them, and express them, Leo, or the changes you want to bring to your love life simply won’t happen.


Mars entering Leo (plus this dreadful Mercury Retrograde) are making exes more likely than ever to pop up. And not in a nice way—they don’t want to be friends again, and they don’t want to get back with you, but they are almost certainly acting shadier than you think. Ignore your ex, and look the other way. There’s loads of opportunity for finding new love (or experiencing something new with your current boo), but if you continue to focus on the past, you can’t ever move forward!


If you’re happily boo’d up, expect a fun and sexy week with your partner. Yay! But if you’re single, things are much more complicated—especially if you’ve been fooling around with a FWB. Clear communication is more important than ever this weekend, Libra—especially since it’s Mercury Retrograde! You and your crush/situationship aren’t seeing eye-to-eye about something, and it’s time to talk out the misunderstanding. Treat others how you want to be treated, be honest, and you can make some serious moves in your love life this week—who knows! Maybe they feel the same way you do!


Sorry, Scorpio, but something/someone is holding you back and preventing your love life from thriving. Maybe you feel like others—your friends or family—won’t approve of your partner. Maybe you think you’re in a relationship that others might judge you for; maybe you’re thinking of coming out, but you’re afraid of others’ reactions; maybe you’re experimenting with polyamory, but don’t want others to think you’re weird. Listen, Scorpio, you only have one life to live. Eat the damn cake. Love who you want to love. You got this!

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Your love life isn’t hitting the same this weekend—especially in bed. Things feel boring, and if there’s one thing that you hate anything else, it’s being bored! Do what you do best, Sagittarius, and dive head first into something (or someone 😏) new this weekend! Gemini season is all about leveling up your love life, after all. Pick up a new paramour or trying something fun with your FWB, and you’ll be surprised by how much you can accomplish. Enjoy!


It’s a steamy weekend for you, Capricorn! Mars entering your chart’s intimacy zone + Venus and Uranus activating your chart’s romance/sex/fun zone = a very hot-and-bothered vibe all weekend long! Sexual (and possibly romantic) tension has been building up between you and your boo, and now you’re being asked to upgrade your love life—all you have to do is get the ball rolling! Hit up your crush or start The Talk with your boo this weekend, and you can make some serious magic happen.


Gemini season’s vibes are aaaaalllll about giving your love life an upgrade, and now that Mars, the planet of libido, is in your chart’s relationships zone, you can expect tons of action! You’re an intellectual air sign, and feelings can feel a little foreign to you—this weekend, that’s about to change! Dreamy Neptune’s strong influence in your chart right now is pushing you to allow yourself to be emotional and romantic. Hookups can be fun, but if you’re searching for something real, this weekend is encouraging you to really open up.


I have good news and bad news, Pisces. I’ll start with the bad—your job is about to absolutely take over your life. But here’s the good news—before you start drowning in work, this weekend has amazing potential for your love life! Venus, the planet of love, is being activated in your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun, creating the perfect astro-weather for hooking up, going on a nice date, or spending the weekend in (and out) of bed with your S.O. For a while, past baggage has been making it very difficult to open up and genuinely share your feelings. But if a magical connection happens this weekend, don’t be afraid to show—or receive—affection. You deserve it!

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