Heinz shares why ketchup bottles have number 57 – and it’s not the varieties

Plenty of theories have swirled about why there's a 57 on bottles of ketchup.

While some say it represents the different "varieties" of Heinz condiments, others mistakenly think it's the year the company was founded.

Some conspiracists have also pointed out that hitting the 57 when you're squirting ketchup can help to get extra sauce out of the bottle.

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But you'll be pleased to know an insider has finally got to the bottom of the matter.

Andrea Payne, head of marketing and taste elevation for Heinz ANZ, told news.com.au: “The ‘57 varieties’ label on the neck of Heinz Tomato Ketchup was surprisingly selected at random by founder Henry Heinz."

The Heinz website adds: "Why 57? No one knows for sure.

"Henry claimed five was his lucky number, and seven was his wife's.

"But he also believed seven was significant for people of all ages."

And Adrea added: “Although the number itself technically has no real purpose, and even back then there were more than 57 varieties, the number has stuck around for over 100 years of Heinz branding, making it synonymous with the Heinz brand.

“Brands evolve so much over time – it’s nice to see small nods to the original packaging and story.”

Heinz was founded in 1869 by Henry J. Heinz in Pittsburgh, USA.

His first product was "pure and superior" grated horseradish, which was inspire by his mum's recipe.

Then in the 1870s, the company took off when he launched his first tomato sauce called "Catsup".

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