Hair expert shares the perfect haircut for your face shape

When it comes to hair, it’s certainly not a matter of one-size-fits-all. Hair expert Nicole Petty from Milk + Blush told her top tips for flattering a larger, more rounded face, as well as a smaller, thinner face.

Best haircuts for women with a larger, rounder face

Nicole said: “When cutting your hair, it’s important to consider your face shape, especially if you have a rounder face shape, which often features a wide hairline and full cheeks.

“Those with rounder face shapes should opt for haircuts that lengthen the face, incorporating long layers for a flattering effect.”

The expert explained: “It’s no secret that long haircuts can be the most flattering for round-face shapes as they elongate its appearance.

“Some longer styles that can work well here include a long-layered cut with an off-centre parting, a textured or soft shag with wavy layers or XXL layered hair. For extra length, consider investing in clip-in hair extensions.”

But this doesn’t mean women who love their short hair have to ditch their signature strands for longer locks, as there are plenty of short and mid-length styles that look gorgeous on rounder faces.

Nicole stated: “A good, mid-length cut would be the box bob, a popular choice for 2023, which adds texture and fullness to hair.

“To make this work best for round faces, ask for it to be kept longer through the front to add length.”

For women who prefer to go really short, Nicole suggested the chic pixie cut – “it’s been popular for years as it can also be extremely flattering on round faces”.

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Bangs are also a great way to flatter a rounded face, according to the hair expert.

“If you’re wondering what fringe type can suit you, try a deep side-parting or choppy bangs to add the illusion of length to the face, create symmetry, soften the cheekbones or balance the dimensions,” she suggested.

“Generally, bangs and face-framing can help to balance facial features and hide insecurities such as a larger forehead or nose.”

Heading out on the town? Nicole’s top styles for larger, rounder faces including a loose ponytail with loose bangs, a wavy half ponytail or looks with plenty of texture.

Best haircuts for women with thinner faces

For women with faces on the thinner side, Nicole warned against haircuts that “elongates or narrows it”.

This means steering clear of super long styles, instead opting for “short or medium styles with layers or texture that make your face appear more oval and your chin smaller”.

Nicole advised: “One style that looks great on thin faces is a long, shoulder-length bob. Ask your stylist for this cut with a combination of long and short layers, with curtain bangs on either side of the face to frame it and add plenty of volume.

“To go one step further, add defined highlights or balayage to contrast between roots and mid-lengths or gentle waves throughout to eliminate flatness and make your face appear longer.”

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For the slightly “edgier” crowd, Nicole suggested a mullet, which is characterised by being short at the front and sides whilst long at the back.

“The mullet can help balance the face’s proportions due to its texture and varied lengths. Alternatively, a short shaggy cut with micro bangs can help shorten and create an oval-shaped face.

“Both these styles can draw attention away from insecurities such as a small nose.”

Finally, Nicole suggested either blunt, side-swept, curtain or wispy bangs to “make thee face appear shorter and wider and soften facial features”.

Nicole Petty is a hair expert at extensions brand Milk + Blush.

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