Gym-goer tells ‘creep’ staring at to ‘f*** off’ leaving her boyfriend ‘proud’

A woman was mortified when she noticed a “creep” staring at her outside a gym as she was about to squat – but her boyfriend was “proud” of her response.

The footage, just the latest in a number of viral videos exposing what women are subjected to in the gym, shows her getting ready to lift off the rack and perform some squats.

But just before she does, a man walks past on the street outside and notices her.

He stops in his tracks and appears to blow kisses at her before saying something in audible.

But the woman doesn’t stand for it. She first shows him the middle finger before shouting: “F*** off.”

And it seems to do the trick as the man walks off soon after.

The gym-goer’s boyfriend, who goes by the name Rich Yun, shared the footage to his TikTok account @thekoreanhulk.

“My girlfriend was about to record and do her set and caught this creep trying to get her attention,” he wrote.

“Unfortunately, I was using the restroom when this happened, but I’m proud of how she handled the situation – flip the creep off and don’t acknowledge them.”

“Ladies, I know this happens to you quite often, wish you’re able to train freely without having to worry about gym creeps.”

The video has been seen more than 230,000 times since it was posted and has attracted hundreds of comments.

“I’m so mad for her omg,” one viewer wrote.

But others suggested she should have just ignored him with one commenting: “I always just say thank you and ignore them after. No need for it to get so dramatic.”

Some even believed he may simply have been looking at his reflection in the window.

Female gym-goers have flooded TikTok in recent months with their encounters with men while they work out.

A woman recently confronted a man who called her a “dumb c***” because she “wouldn’t move”.

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