Groom transformed by haircut before wedding after letting it grow for years

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    A groom was left unrecognisable after letting his har grow long for years.

    Barber Jason Makki, who owns a salon in Dubai, was praised for giving the man a dramatic transformation before the wedding.

    Posting on the now-viral video on his Facebook page, Jason Makki Stylist, the barber said the haircut is "the best gift to a woman on the wedding day".

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    His client came into the barber shop with half of his face covered by curly and dull-looking hair and asked for a "new style".

    Jason started by braiding a small section of hair from the back, then chopped off at least three inches of damped hair off the man.

    Then he separated the hair into sections so he could work on the shape and the layering.

    Using the scissors-over-comb technique, Jason lifted the hair at the front and snipped the hair close to the scalp.

    After the trim, the groom was given a quick shampoo and a Keratin treatment to tame the curly hair.

    Jason told Daily Star: "The client hadn’t had a haircut for some time and possibly kept his hair long for years so it was time to let the hair go.

    "However, we kept a long hair piece at the back based on his request for religious reasons.

    "The 'Keratin treatment' took two hours but it helped to keep his curly hair straight, so while waiting, I moved on to the facial treatment."

    The groom leaned back on a reclining chair and was given a face steaming, deep cleanse and masks for a rejuvenated look.

    Jason also gave the man a beard trim before styling his hair.

    Viewers were blown away by the result, with one saying: "I think the happiest person will be his wife…what a transformation!"

    Another added: "Oh boy, he looks like a new man, Jason you're the best!"

    "What a makeover, in love with the new look" a third said.

    The barber, who has more than 20 years of experience, said: "The client was super happy and couldn't believe it when he saw himself in the mirror!

    "When customers are happy, that gives me joy and satisfaction.

    "This good feeling is super valuable to me and I make sure every client leaves the salon with 100% satisfaction and a happy face!"


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