Greggs' secret menu includes stotties, empire biscuits, and Tottenham cakes – but they're not in every branch

GREGGS has a secret menu stacked high with 23 delicious looking treats, but you can only get your hands on them in some areas of the country.

That's because while you can pick up a sausage roll from any of the fast-food chain's branches, some snacks are only available in certain regions.

This is because that's typically where they were traditionally made and where shoppers still want to get their mitts on them.

They include Welsh cakes, which are unsurprisingly only available in Wales, and Devon doughnuts, which are somewhat surprisingly only available in Scotland, not Devon.

A Greggs spokesperson said: “Historically our regional bakeries had responsibility for making their own products which resulted in some local Greggs delicacies.

"Some of these were so popular that as the business has grown, we are still selling them today.”

What's on Greggs' regional menu?

HERE'S what you can find on Greggs' regional menu:


  • Bloomers – Scotland
  • Stotties – North East


  • Corned Beef – West, North East, Leeds, Wales
  • Meat & Potato Bake – Manchester
  • Scotch Pie – Scotland
  • Savoury Mince Pie – North East


  • Apple Danish – South East, Scotland, West
  • Bread Pudding – South
  • Cheese Scone – North East
  • Choc Flake Cake – Wales
  • Custard Tart – West
  • Devon Doughnut – Scotland
  • Empire Biscuit – North East & Scotland
  • French Fancy – Scotland
  • Fruit Scone – North East & Scotland
  • Jumbo Choc Ring Doughnut – Scotland
  • London Cheesecake – South East
  • Peach Melba – North East
  • Pineapple Cake – Scotland
  • Pink Iced Finger – North East
  • Tottenham Cake – South East
  • Vanilla Doughnut – Scotland
  • Welsh Cake – Wales

We've rounded-up some of the baked goods fans have found and where you can get your hands on them.

Apple Danish – South East, Scotland, West

Greggs' apple Danish looks like a tasty treat but you can only find them in the South East, Scotland and the West.

Bread and butter pudding – South

Some Greggs stores sell slices of bread and butter pudding – a dessert usually made from leftover bread which is then sometimes filled with various fruits and nuts.

But you can only get your mitts on these in the South of England.

Cheese scone – North East

Everyone loves a cheese scone but sadly you can only pick up these bad boys in Greggs stores in the North East.

Corned beef pasty – Leeds, North East, Wales, and West

If you're up north, in Wales or down in the west country you can get your hands on a pasty stuffed with corned beef.

One Twitter user was left disappointed when she tried to order one in London. She wrote: I went into the Greggs in London and asked for a corned beef pasty, they said they didn’t do them.

"I said I had one in Cardiff on the weekend, they said it’s just Wales and some of the North which stock them."

Empire biscuits – North East and Scotland

Empire biscuits are two layers of biscuit sandwiched with jam and topped with icing and a glace cherry on top.

But you'll have to up north to try them as they're only in stores in the North East and in Scotland.

One Scottish Greggs fan tweeted: "Just found out empire biscuits are only a thing in Scotland?? Guy in Greggs had never heard of them?? I’m moving home."

French Fancy – Scotland

Greggs sells French Fancies topped with yellow and white icing in its Scottish stores but you can't get them anywhere else in the UK.

Mr Kipling anyone?

London cheesecake

While they look like savoury pasties with grated cheese on top – and nothing like an actual cheesecake – these are actually a sweet item usually filled with jam and an almond paste.

But you can only get them in the south of England.

Peach melbas – North East

Another treat only available to those in the North East of England is the peach melba where the classic pudding is covered with pastry and filled with cream.

One Twitter user wrote: "#Greggs Peach Melbas a delicacy they hide in the North. Should be sold everywhere!!!"

Scotch Pie – Scotland

These short-crust pastry Scotch Pies can only be found in Scotland – the name was a bit of a giveaway!

Stotties – North East

Stotties – a type of large, springy bread roll that's traditionally stuffed with ham and pease pudding are only available in the North East of England.

Fans suggest you can typically get your hands on one in and around Newcastle.

Back in 2013, Greggs trialled the stottie in a handful of stores down South and asked its Twitter followers whether the baked good should head South for good – but it seems they weren't a success.

One Twitter user said: "Confirmed the line for the south is at Middlesbrough today. Went to Greggs in Manc and asked for a stottie, got told they’ve never heard of it and must only be sold in the north east".

Tottenham cake – South East

Only those who live in the South East are lucky enough to be able to pick up a Tottenham cake in Greggs.

This is a light sponge tray bake with raspberry and coconut icing on top.

It's reportedly called a Tottenham cake because it was first created in Tottenham in north London by a Quaker in the 1800s as a cheap treat for local children.

Back then, it's thought the pink icing was made from mulberries grown in a Quaker burial ground.

One fan in Bristol couldn't believe the cakes weren't available in the South West, tweeting: "Oi @GreggsOfficial Bristol Greggs is so s***, we don't get stotties OR Tottenham cake. It's not fair."

Vanilla doughnut – Scotland

You can get your mitts on a cream-topped vanilla doughnut – but only in Greggs' Scottish stores.


Greggs often releases seasonal bakes that are available for a limited time, such as its Cajun chicken bake, which is around until September 1.

Its Christmas range even included a sausage roll phone cover and Christmas jumper.

If you can't be bothered to go down to your local Greggs, you can now order to your door – but only in three cities.

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