Grandmother left fuming after daughter changes babysitting plans

My daughter booked my grandkids children into tennis club while I’m looking after them for two weeks – I feel robbed, but people say she’s just trying to make my life easier

  •  The grandmother said she wanted to be un-scheduled with her grandchildren
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A grandmother has sparked debate after criticising her daughter for booking summer activities for her children while she is meant to be babysitting them. 

Earlier this week, the anonymous grandparent, from Cumbria, explained on Mumsnet how she was booked in to look after her grandchildren – aged six and four – in the summer.

She said she had been looking forward to taking the children – who live in London with their mother – on day trips to museums. 

However, she recently found out that her daughter has booked them into tennis club every day of the fortnight trip. 

She said she was angry about not being consulted and felt the trip was ruined. 

The grandmother took to Mumsnet to complain that her grandchildren had to go to tennis club when she was with them (stock image)

Some agreed with her, saying the daughter sounded controlling. But others said she was being unreasonable and she could still have plenty of fun in the afternoons.  

In her original post, she wrote: ‘My daughter has two children, four and two.

‘She asked me a few months ago if my husband and I would like to babysit while she worked.’

She said: ‘I was under the impression that my two weeks would be calm and at our discretion as to what we do with the kids. 

‘I’d planned museums, picnics etc.’

But she added: ‘My daughter messaged me today to say the kids are booked in a tennis club 9-12 each morning for both the weeks we are down.

‘Now I’m driving 6+ hours to spend time with grandkids  probably too tired to go out and do anything.’

The poster said she explained to her daughter that she wasn’t happy and that she just wanted to spend time with the children. 

One wrote that the daughter sounded like a pain in the arse and that the grandmother shouldn’t bother going down

But the daughter fired back that the children wanted to do the club. 

She said: ‘I’m not disagreeing that the kids to do the clubs but why on the weeks I have them and why not consult me?’ 

Most posters were sympathetic with the poster.  One wrote: ‘I would never dream of making plans for the kids when they stay with the grandparents or when they come here.’ 

Another wrote:  ‘I’d be annoyed to it means you won’t be able to do day trips or anything that needs an early start but there’s not enough time in the morning for you to go out and do your own thing if you have to be back from noon.’

A third said: ‘She sounds like a controlling pain in the arse I wouldn’t bother going all that way to be fill in childcare.’ 

While a fourth wrote: ‘I completely agree with you she should have consulted you 

But some said the situation was fine and that she was being unreasonable. 

One wrote: ‘I think you’re being unreasonably prescriptive about the shape of this fortnight.

‘Two weeks with young children is full on in your shoes I’d be pleased they had a regular morning activity. I imagine your daughter thought she was helping you out.’ 

Some of the posters said she should just be grateful the kids are busy in the morning and enjoy them in the afternoon

Another wrote: ‘They’ll be raring to go after lunch pick them up from tennis and then go to lunch and then on that and then I’m activity with you. 

‘All day every day with the six and four-year-old would be very hard work.’ 

A third supporter said: ‘I can understand your annoyance but I think that post tennis activities would create memories for them.

‘In the past few weeks I’ve taken children to the adventure playground the movies lunch at the beach Library activities. All the half days and the kids had a great time.’ 

Another wrote: ‘A tennis class? Pick them up afterwards with water and food and go and have actual fun.’ 

Offering a potential solution, a Mumsnet user said: ‘Speak to your daughter I suspect she thinks she’s helping.’ 

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