Grandad has meal at UK’s rudest diner without knowing – and is told to f*** off

When in the company of their grandparents, most people like to be on their best behaviour keeping their potty mouths at bay.

But this bunch of grandkids decided to play a prank on their unassuming Grandad Albert when they took him to a restaurant where staff are intentionally rude to diners – and he was left baffled.

Under the guise of taking the 82-year-old fella to a bog standard meal, the grandkids did not mention the fact they were taking a trip to Karen’s Diner in Sheffield, also known as Britain’s rudest diner.

And, sparkling customer service is not their speciality that's for certain.

Granddaughter, Ellie Coleman, captured the moment they took the old chap to the unconventional diner – and it has now gone viral on TikTok.

In the clip that has racked up a whopping four million views, the grandad sat down at the table while the potty-mouthed staff insulted him.

As the pensioner munched down on his grub, he was abruptly told to “swallow first”.

He was later ordered to “f***ing eat it then" by another waiter who told him to "f*** off".

Hilariously, the grandad seemed like he got stuck into the gist of the restaurant and donned a paper hat with “old b****d” written across it.

But the ill-mannered service did not stop there, staff members started to sing “happy birthday f*** off”.

Although Albert admitted it was not his “scene”, Ellie shared in the comments that he was able to have a good chuckle about it after his experience.

Left in stitches at the grandad attending the rude restaurant, many people fled to the comments to have their say.

One person giggled: “As soon as I saw this come up I knew it was going to be gold.”

Another user added: “What a legend.”

Whilst a third person chuckled: “Poor old bloke, bless him.”

However, others felt that they could not bring themselves to be rude to Albert.

This person shared: “I feel sorry for him.”

A second noted: “Honestly I could not be horrible to grandad even if I was paid to do it.”

And, someone else wrote: “He looked like he was going to cry during the birthday song.”

Fear not, Ellie posted another clip showing Albert tucking into a slice on angel cake and thanking people for their nice comments he received.

The grandad did receive a few “mean” remarks though – but hit back with style.

Albert slammed: “Bugger off.”

Well, it seems like he would fit right in working at Karen’s Diner.

The restaurant purposely provides terrible customer service, but at least they have good burgers.

They urge diners to behave like a ‘Karen’ to staff – and even go as far to speak to the manager like a classic ‘Karen’ would do.

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