Globe-trotters unveil converted vans which have been turned into homes

Not your average white van man! Globe-trotters reveal how they’ve turned their vehicles into stunning homes on wheels – complete with living areas and fully-fitted kitchens

  • UK explorers have revealed stunning transformations carried out on white vans
  • They have added beds, kitchens, cupboards and even fairy lights to the vehicles
  • Comes as 21,215 people apply to convert their vans into living spaces this year

The humble white van has been given a sparkling makeover thanks to globe-trotters who have transformed them into the perfect holiday homes.  

Thousands of adventurers from across the nation, who have shared the unrecognisable snaps to social media, show how they’ve kitted out the vehicles with the likes of beds, kitchen work surfaces and hanging plants – before taking them on trips around the world.   

The latest trend comes as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency revealed ‘owners of 21, 215 applications have applied to have them redesignated as living spaces in the last 12 months, a rise of almost two-thirds in just two years,’ as The Times reports. 

Amongst the creative modifications include vehicles which boast high-tech speakers, luxurious sofas, stylish storage – and even fairy lights.

Globe-trotters have converted white vans into the perfect home – after kitting them out with beds, kitchens, cupboards and even hanging plants. Pictured, an adventurer from Wales who lives in a converted white van

The luxurious homes allow owners to manoeuvre  them into a position with a perfect view – in this case the turquoise waters of Sicily (pictured) 

Keen explorers, such as Brad pictured here with his dog in Ibiza, have also installed cupboards and chests of drawers in their portable homes

One couple from America added a dining table with fairy lights and hanging plants in the back of their converted white van – turning it into their quirky dream home (pictured)

Another adventurer, currently staying in Hungary in her rusty LDV Convoy that was manufactured between 1996 and 2006, kitted out the interior with bespoke wooden cupboards, lights and nets, which act as storage 

This converted white van in New Zealand contains a luxurious-looking bed complete with a plant and carpeted living area

The impressive conversions have caused quite a stir online and are all part of a growing trend that sees people lodging inside a van for the duration of their getaways – rather than opting for the more traditional motorhome.

One Welsh explorer who chose the ‘van life’ and goes by the name of Kite Van Man, posted an image of the sandy coastline of Sicily – and highlighted the benefit of being able to manoeuvre his vehicle for the perfect view. 

Alongside the envious snap, he penned: ‘This is my favourite kind of place to wake up. Mid October and the water is still warm to swim in. The doggos are loving it here and so am I.’

Others adventurers have given their rusty old vans a revamp by adding the likes of a stove to keep warm, a carpeted living area and a dining table.

As many as 16 businesses offer families and adventurers the chance to covert white vans into dream homes on wheels, according to campervan website Quirky Campers. 

Lucy and Ben, from Cornwall, added cupboards to their stunning converted rusty LDV Convoy – and a stove to keep warm

The trend is catching on in the UK, with the DVLA reporting that there has been a two thirds rise in the number of people applying for ‘live in’ licences for their vans over the last two years. Sarah McWilliams, from the UK (pictured), is about to convert her old white van

There are a wide range of services available – varying from a whole or part conversion, quirkification or consultancy.

However, it seems many UK van-owners prefer to do it themselves, with Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube awash with tips on how to covert your vehicle.

Another image, shared by a UK-based lady who goes by the Instagram handle sarahmcw, shows her hanging out the door of a transit van.

‘If you’re interested or just want a laugh (we’ve never converted anything)’, she wrote. ‘You can follow us for all the conversion spam.’

The popular craze also seems to have taken off in the US, with young adults and couples alike uploading snaps of their campervan lives.  

Meanwhile, a large number of explorers are also choosing to permanently reside in the converted vans, enabling them to make an impressive saving on rent while also having the freedom to travel.

Tanja (pictured) and Lenny have been travelling around Edinburgh in Scotland in their a converted van. They have added a luxurious sofa and kitchen work surface to their vehicle

Another couple, Kensie and Joey (pictured), believed to be from the UK, became full-time adventurers after buying a white van and travelling around the United States – including California

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