Genius hack fixes pesky 'tunnelling' candles

While confined to our houses, it’s likely many of us will be going through more candles than ever.

Not only do they smell great, there is something incredibly calming about a candle burning in the background – something we’re all craving right now.

On the flipside, there’s nothing more frustrating than a ‘tunnelling’ candle – or in other words, when wax is left around the edge.

Thankfully, beauty editor Lucy Partington has shared a simple hack for fixing a candle, if this happens.

After all, nice candles don’t come cheap, so we want every last bit of them to burn.

The trick only requires a small piece of foil.

Lucy posted a video on Twitter of herself trying the hack, with the caption reading: ‘I asked on Instagram if there was any way to fix a tunnelled candle and a few people said you can use tin foil.

‘I tried it yesterday and it only bloody worked. Honestly this is probs the best hack I’ve ever learnt.’

The hack involves wrapping a small piece of foil around the edge of a candle – leaving a hole in the middle so the wick can burn.

A few hours later, your candle should be back to normal.

So far, Lucy’s tweet has received more than 675,000 views on Twitter and over 46,000 likes – with many in awe of the simple-yet-effective solution.

One astounded follower replied: ‘I didn’t even know that was called tunnelling and thought it was just what candles do!

‘Think it has happened to any I have ever owned. Thanks.’

While another commented: ‘Life-changing, brilliant.’

Tunnelling is believed to be caused by candles not being left to burn long enough when they are first lit.

Someone else replied to Lucy’s tweet explaining this: ‘And the way to stop it happening in the first place is to make sure it burns for three to four hours (enough to get an even melt pool) when you first light it.’

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