Game Creator Hideo Kojima Is Launching a Podcast on Spotify

Hideo Kojima, the renowned Japanese game creator behind hit titles “Death Stranding” and “Metal Gear,” will launch a weekly podcast exclusively on Spotify next month — covering a wide range of his favorite topics.

“Hideo Kojima Presents Brain Structure,” premiering Sept. 8 on Spotify, will be released in both Japanese and English. According to Spotify, the new show “unravels the genius behind Kojima’s ideas and creative thinking.”

The podcast will feature talk-show-style discussions on topics like games, movies, books, art, philosophy and the social landscape. Guests who will periodically join Kojima on the show will include both local and global leaders as well as top creators from business, technology and entertainment.

“I wanted to share my thoughts with a global audience and felt that Spotify would be the best home to reach all my fans and friends around the world,” Kojima said in a statement. “It’s an ambitious approach to release every episode in both Japanese and English at the same time, but I look forward to having a good time getting and sharing creative inspiration with listeners from all over the world.”

The show will also feature regular appearances by Geoff Keighley, producer of the annual Game Awards, as he provides updates on gaming and technology in a special segment. The opening theme song for “Hideo Kojima Presents Brain Structure” was composed by ‎Japanese electronic music artist Michiharu Shimoda, aka “Silent Poets,” who wrote the ending song for “Death Stranding.”

Following the release of the first episode of “Hideo Kojima presents Brain Structure” Sept. 8, new episodes will release weekly on Thursdays at 9 p.m. JST.

“Hideo Kojima’s podcasts will allow a broader set of listeners to enjoy his thoughts, whilst at the same time supporting his own desire to reach beyond the boundaries,” Chieko Nishi, Spotify’s head of studios in Japan, said in a statement.

Listen to the trailer for “Hideo Kojima Presents Brain Structure”:

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