Former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan unrecognisable with flowing hair for new movie role

Pierce Brosnan may once have been given a licence to kill, but now he seems to also have one to thrill as he debuts a rather dramatic new hair transformation.

Swapping his usual salt-and-pepper suave crop for flowing dark brown tresses, you’d be forgiven for taking a few seconds to realise who it is in the still for his upcoming action-adventure film, The King’s Daughter.

The 68 year old, who played the role of 007 from 1997-2002, hardly seems to have aged since his Bond days. We wonder what he uses to keep his skin in such good condition and his eyebrows so groomed. If he’s anything like Bond we bet he has a tub of something pricey like Creme de la Mer on hand.

Pierce has also swapped his tuxedo for a regal 17th century costume featuring frills and velvet. The outfit is fitting considering he’s taking on the role of King Louis XIV; however we’re sure his fans would rather see him back in an open white shirt a la Mamma Mia. If you do still want to marvel at him and his lengthy locks, you can watch the movie in cinemas when it launches on January 21.

In other grooming news, David Tennant delighted us all recently when he opted for a Squid Games-style hair transformation. TheDoctor Whoactor could be seen watching Adele’s performance at the London Palladium with bright red hair instead of his usual natural brown locks, mimicking, some say, Seong Gi-Hun – the flame-red haired look to the lead character inNetflix’s record-breaking dystopian drama.

"I wondered where David Tennant’s been lately. He’s only gone and won Squid Game," one tweeted, as a second asked, "Why is David Tennant looking like he just won Squid Game?"

Meanwhile another chimed in, "David Tennant looks ready to re-enter the Squid Games at the #Adele show", as a fourth exclaimed, “Where’s Wally but make it where’s red David Tennant??"

We wonder who the next actor will be to debut a striking new style. Daniel Craig certainly has some time on his hands now!

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