Five tips for hunting 'secret' Poundland discounts including best time to shop and where to find sale items

POUNDLAND is famous for its cheap deals and bargains – but savvy shoppers can get hauls for even less if they know where to look.

The bargain discount store doesn’t usually hold big sales as prices are cheap as it is.

But that doesn't mean there aren't bargains at rock bottom prices still to be had.

You can bag clearance items for as little as 25p using our Poundland sales hunting hacks.

The Sun has spoken to bargain hunters who have shared their top tips for finding “secret” Poundland discounts.

However, items on sale will vary from store to store. 

Just because one product has been discounted in one store doesn’t mean it will be discounted in all of them.

From shopping early in the morning to heading to the tills, here’s a list of hacks to help you save cash.

Shop early for discounts

Mum-of-two Naomi Willis, 37, who runs the money-saving blog Skint Dad with her husband Ricky, said shoppers can get food for less if they set their alarms.

She told The Sun that she has previously been able to get discounted fresh food such as sandwiches from Poundland by going in store early as soon as it opens.

This is when you’ll most likely be able to bag food running close to its sell by date on offer, she says.

“The last time I got discounted food, there was a ready meal and a couple of sandwiches,” she said.

Ask staff for help

If you can’t find any clearance items in Poundland, it’s worth asking a member of staff where to look, Naomi adds.

Even if there aren’t any sales on, she says to ask when there’ll be one next so you can add these dates to your diary.

“They might be able to share information about when an upcoming sale is, or when new products are going out,” she said. “That’s always helpful so you don’t have to go in every week to check.”

A Poundland spokesperson added shoppers shouldn’t be afraid to ask for more information about discounted items.

“Customers should not be embarrassed to ask what’s on offer,” the spokesperson said.

Dates for your diary 

Your best chance of bagging bargains, according to money saving guru Holly Smith, is to shop in stores after holidays and events like Christmas and Mother’s Day.

The mum-of-four, 35, who runs a coupon blog, said this is when Poundland tries to shift seasonal stock in order to make way for new products.

Holly says that seasonal items will be half price at 50p soon after the holiday season is over.

They will then eventually be on sale for just 25p as Poundland tries to flog the stock in the final weeks of the clearance.

Poundland told The Sun that there are currently a number of Easter treats on sale in stores now.

For example, you can get a KitKat Chunky Easter Egg for £1.50 instead of £3, and chocolate Malteaser Bunnies for 25p instead of 50p.

Poundland has shared a list of items which are on sale at the moment in stores – we've rounded up the best bargains below.

What’s currently on sale in Poundland?

FINDING sales in Poundland is a fine art – which is why we’ve asked the bargain discount store to share exactly what items are currently on sale.

Poundland has roughly 800 shops across the UK – but stock varies, so you might not be able to find the items below in your store.

It’s best to ask your nearest store for more information – you can find where your nearest branch is using Poundland’s store locator tool on its website.

Poundland is currently trying to shift its Easter stock – here’s a round up of some of the best items on sale in stores:

  • 240G Smarties Mini Eggs – was £2, now £1
  • 240g Milkybar Mini Eggs Pouch – was £2, now £1
  • 260g KitKat Chunky Egg Large – was £3, now £1.50
  • 256g Smarties Large Egg – was £3, now £1.50
  • 284g Munchies Large Egg – was £3, now £1
  • 68g Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs (Milk and White chocolate) – was £1, now 50p
  • 29g Malteaser Bunny – was 50p, now 25p
  • 29g KitKat Bunny – was 50p, now 25p
  • 100g Peter Rabbit Choc Eggs – was 50p, now 25p
  • 62g Peppa Pig Kids Egg + Bar – was £1, now 50p
  • Cadbury’s Mini Eggs Nest Cakes – was £2, now £1
  • McVities Easter Cake Bars – was £1, now 50p

Go to the till

Sometimes it’s hard to spot where discounted items are in Poundland.

But our experts have shared a few tricks so you can narrow down where you’re looking.

“Poundland occasionally has baskets with discounted items at the till,” Holly said.

Poundland confirmed to The Sun that many sale items will usually be located near the tills – but this could vary from store to store.

Look at seasonal aisles

Meanwhile, Naomi said she hits the seasonal aisles to check if there are any deals. 

She said seasonal aisles are usually located around the middle or back end of the store – but ask a member of staff if you need a hand finding it.

While she says it’s good to stock up on reduced price seasonal items to store for next year, shoppers shouldn’t buy items just because they're on sale.

“Be conscious of what’s there and what you really need and you’re not buying stuff for the sake of it just because it’s on sale and really cheap,” she says. 

“Otherwise you’ll just end up wasting money and walking out with stuff you don’t really need.”

Check on social media

If you want to see what bargains other shoppers have scooped on their latest Poundland trips, then head to social media.

It's worth checking out the Poundland Appreciation Society Facebook group, and the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group for shopping hauls.

Fans of the high street giant will sometimes post about discounted items they've picked up in stores.

It's a good way of seeing what's on offer, but remember that stock will vary from store to store.

Here's the full list of 55 Poundland branches which have reopened this week – and the shop is planning 30 new stores by September.

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