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BARGAIN hunters will know there are plenty of deals at Poundstretcher to be had – but are some more worth it than others?

The high street retailer is known for its array of products on offer.

From food to toiletries, to party decorations to garden furniture – it's got aisles and aisles of items.

If you're big on gardening or stocking up on cupboard essentials then Poundstretcher could be the one for you, but not everything is worth loading into your basket.

The retailer recently confirmed it has plans to open 50 new stores by the end of the year with some of them opening their doors already.

The discount chain opened 30 locations in 2022 and has 350 shops nationwide.

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You can find your nearest Poundstretcher by checking on the store's website and typing in your postcode.

Here's five things to look out for at the discount store and a couple to avoid.

Bear in mind that the prices mentioned below may not be the same as the ones in your local store.

And remember, it's only a bargain if you were after the product anyway.

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The items you should buy at Poundstretcher


Like with many bargain stores, Poundstretcher is a great option to go to for stationery.

Whether you need some for the office or to add to your kid's school bags, there's usually something worth buying.

You can stock up on lots of different stationery products – from notepads, pens, folders, staplers and cellotape.

At the time of writing, the Poundstretcher website even had a stationery hamper for shoppers to choose a selection of products to purchase.

The bargain store's selection could be great for stocking fillers or birthday gifts.

There's no option to order items for delivery at Poundstretcher, and so the website doesn't tell you how much stock is.

But according to the site, stationery prices start from as little as 65p and go up to £13.


If you're wanting to get your home decorated for a special occasion, or are even thinking about what to do for Halloween and Christmas, then you might want to consider getting some stuff from Poundstretcher.

If you're stocking up on other items, you might as well take advantage of the mass of options available.

From bunting to balloons to banners and to confetti, there's a host of celebratory stock to get your hands on.

Of course, the stock will be of the cheap and cheerful kind, but much of it will make a great addition to any special occasion.

Again, there were no prices for specific products online but for Halloween decs, the website said that costs start from £1.25.

Gardening items

It's that time of year where many of us will be sprucing up our garden ready for BBQ season and those hot summer days (should they arrive).

If you think your garden needs a bit of a

At the time of writing, Poundstretcher was advertising a sale on many gardening items – so get down to your local one before it's too late.

For example, the store is selling solar lights for £3.50 and, if you're willing to spend a lot of money, a corner sofa set for £1,250.

Cleaning products

Other options for Poundstretcher fans are the cleaning products it offers.

Much like other discount stores such as Wilkos and Home Bargains, the retailer often has great discounts on sprays, washing powder and more.

Shoppers can pick up two linen dehumidifiers for £2.40 or two packets of 20 scourers for just £2.

You might want to consider taking advantage of the offers and bulk buying some of the products – though make sure you're not spending beyond your means.

Cupboard staples

While you probably won't go to Poundtstetcher for fresh food, you can get some great cupboard staple deals.

You can stock up on pretty much any cupboard essential at B&M – from crisps and chocolate to cereal and fizzy drinks.

Of course you won't find everything that you might normally in the supermarket, but you can get a lot.

You can get tinned food, pasta and baking ingredients.

We've also seen shoppers saying they've found wholefood items like lentils at Poundstretcher – these are great, cheap option for making food go a long way.

What to give a miss at Poundstretcher

If you buy anything from Poundstretcher you know it's going to be cheap and cheerful, so keep this in mind and you won't be disappointed in your purchase.

But that being said, there are a few things to strike off the shopping list, otherwise you could be wasting your money.

We've seen customers unhappy with the price of pet food, especially fat balls for birds, so you may want to steer clear of those.

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At the time of writing, we found a tb of 50 fat balls going for £6 at Wilko.

Poundstretcher also won't accept returns on liquids, batteries, light bulbs, fragrances and cosmetics so maybe steer clear of those unless you're 100% it's for you.

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