Fit influencer wows with age-defying looks and shares tips to turn back clock

A 64-year-old age-positive influencer has revealed her top ten tips for ageing healthily.

Leigh, AKA 60_isthenew_40, says she is “over 60 and reaping the rewards of a healthy lifestyle”.

The body-positive, fashionista continues: “Good food, great exercise, and a work-life balance = look good, feel fabulous!!”.

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She uses her platform to share workouts, fitness tips, outfits, and motivation to inspire others to be confident in their skin.

Sharing with her 37,200 followers on Instagram, Leigh captioned her post: “So what are my top tips for healthy ageing?

“1. Exercise consistently and often!!! This is key… we really have to keep our bodies moving if we want to age well!!!

“2. Drink water… lots and lots of water… your whole body will thank you for it!!!

“3. Sleep … 7 to 9 hours a night is ideal

“4. Eat a clean, healthy, well-balanced diet… mainly plant-based with lots of healthy fats, protein and antioxidants… you really are what you eat!!!

“5. Ditch processed foods and refined sugars … so ageing!!!

“6. Give up … or cut right down … on dairy … try oat, almond or cashew milk instead … they’re delicious!!!

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“7. Moisturise moisturise moisturise… and don’t forget the SPF… super important!!!

“8. Meditate or learn relaxation techniques … you need a healthy mind as well as a healthy body

“9. Learn something new … this keeps your mind active and engaged … be curious

“10. Enjoy life!!! Have fun and laugh … a smile is one of the best anti ageing products out there!!!

“Wishing you all a wonderful, healthy new week you lovely people!!!”

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Thousands of people liked and commented on the post praising the age-positive influencer.

One person commented: “Always the best advice. Top Tips 1-10 have a lovely new week”

A second added: “You look phenomenal! Great tips”

“This is a great post to read Thanks @60_isthenew_40, these points are spot on. Healthy body, healthy mind,” another said.

One woman replied: “My dream is to look like you!!!”

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