‘Finding clothes to fit my thick legs is hard – I just want to feel beautiful’

A woman shared her experiences with fashion and her long-term condition.

Victoria Matos suffers from lipedema, a disease which involves the build up of fat and connective tissue in the legs, hips and bum. The 26-year-old often opens up about struggling with the health issue.

She believes it's difficult to find clothes to wear which fit her thick thighs. And now she wants to do something about it.

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The model said it's incredibly frustrating that there are challenges when finding outfits to fit her.

She added: "Lipedema affects the way my body distributes itself, resulting in disproportionate fat accumulation in the legs and hips. This means that even if I lose weight, my legs remain with significant volume.

"Unfortunately, the fashion industry seems to ignore people like me. Few brands really consider the needs of lipedema sufferers."

The influencer also highlighted the lack of clothing options which meet her specific needs. She continued: "Finding clothes that fit well and make me feel confident is a constant search.

"I am often forced to choose pieces that are not really suitable for my body, which affects my self-esteem."

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Victoria believes people with lipedemia deserve to feel beautiful and comfortable in their clothes. She said: "It's not just about fashion, it's about representation and acceptance. No brand thinks about us, and that needs to change.

"I am committed to being a voice for those who also struggle with lipedema. Fashion should be for everyone, not just a stereotypical standard. Let's push for change and make fashion truly inclusive."

The model previously revealed she regrets having surgery for her big legs after being relentlessly bullied. Victoria did everything she could to try lose the weight but reached extreme tiredness.

She said: "I suffered a lot of bullying at school because of my legs, demands from my family and I dedicated myself to exercising to lose weight."

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