Fifteen children ‘stabbed with a needle’ by fellow pupil at school in Wales

Fifteen schoolchildren were "stabbed with a needle" by a fellow pupil at a school in Wales, according to reports.

The incident happened at St Joseph’s Junior School in Port Talbot.

Wales Online reports the children were attacked with a diabetic insulin need and are being offered treatment and advice at Morriston Hospital in Swansea.

The school has issued an apology to parents and said all pupils had been seen by medics.

It is believed 15 children were involved in the incident but Neath Port Talbot Council has not confirmed how many people were affected.

The source claimed pupils were taken to Morriston Hospital after the incident last week, where they had "bloods tests and hepatitis injections in which they will have to have check-ups for the next year".

"A boy got hold of a diabetic insulin needle," said the source.

"He stabbed 15 other pupils over the space of two hours, another child had to remove it and got pricked in the process."

Neath Port Talbot Council released a statement.

Mrs Caroline May, headteacher of St Joseph’s Junior School, said: "The school would again like to express its sincere apologies to all pupils involved.

"All pupils involved have been assessed by medical professionals and we have had reassurances that there is no further cause for concern.

"The school has since met with the parents of these pupils to discuss the issue and is reviewing its procedures around pupils who need to self-medicate to mitigate any future risks of such an incident reoccurring.”

Andy Macnab, emergency medicine consultant at Morriston Hospital, said: “Needle-stick injuries are relatively common and we have well worked out procedures to deal with them.

"Most injuries are low risk.

"We are making arrangements to see each of the children and offer them appropriate advice and treatment.”

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