February 27 – 32 years since the liberation of Kuwait

We described scenes of “incredible joy” but also grief at the devastation caused by Saddam Hussein’s retreating forces. On February 28 US President Bush declared a ceasefire after the Iraqi dictator accepted UN conditions including the return of all Allied prisoners of war and the renunciation of all claims over Kuwait.

123 years ago (1900) The Labour Party was founded at a meeting of working-class organisations and trade unionists at the Congressional Memorial Hall in Farringdon, London.

Following a debate, the 129 delegates supported Keir Hardie’s motion to establish a “distinct Labour group in Parliament”.

Three years ago (2020) Scientists detected the biggest explosion in the universe, thought to have originated about 390million light years from Earth in the Ophiuchus galaxy.

The event is believed to have been so powerful it created a huge cavity the size of 15 Milky Way galaxies.

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