Father becomes world record holder with his Deadpool merchandise

He’s dead serious! Father who has spent 16 years collecting Deadpool merchandise achieves ‘lifelong dream’ of becoming Guinness World Record holder

  • Gareth Peter Pahliney, 41, owns 2,225 pieces of Deadpool merchandise
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A comic book superfan has achieved his ‘lifelong dream’ of making into the Guinness World Record book with his collection of Deadpool merchandise.

Gareth Peter Pahliney, 41, from Cloghan, Ireland, started collecting the memorabilia back in 2006 and now acquires between 20 to 40 new items every month.

Over the past 17 years, the father-of-two’s collection has now grown so big that he has an entire room in his house devoted to his comic books, collectors’ dolls and a life-size statue of the Marvel superhero.

The stay-at-home father – who boasts 2,250 collectors’ items – said: ‘I think it’s my happy place. When I sit in the comic cave, I feel a sense of achievement.’

Gareth has been a fan of Deadpool since he read his first comic book at the age of five and was ‘completely hooked’ by the stories.

Gareth Peter Pahliney, 41, from Cloghan, Ireland, started collecting the memorabilia back in 2006

The superfan says he was more invested in the cartoon as Deadpool has ‘dealt with a lot of hardships’, which makes him a ‘more rounded character’.

In the 2016 film adaptation, Deadpool becomes immortal but permanently disfigured after undergoing experimental cancer treatment.  

After rediscovering the series as an adult, Gareth said: ‘I bought as many comics as I could… and as the action figures started to come out, I collected them and had them in a little display. And I think it just grew.’

By the time the film came out, Gareth hoped he had amassed enough merchandise that he would win the Guinness World Record. 

At the time, he fell just short of the 2,000 record – and so focused all his energies on completing his ‘man cave’. 

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that he was now the proud owner of the most Deadpool merchandise in the world.

Opening up about the moment he found out, Gareth said: ‘It’s been a lifelong dream to be in the book ever since I was a little kid.

‘Seeing all these people’s names in the book, I said, “Well, one day, I’ll find something I can be in the book for.”‘ 

After missing out on the Guinness World Record in 2016, Gareth focused all his energies on completing his ‘man cave’

Pictured: Ryan Reynolds in character as Deadpool for the 2016 Marvel film adaptation

What’s more, Gareth says he become increasingly invested in his merchandise collection after giving up alcohol in 2009.

He explained: ‘In my sobriety, I found things that made me happy. 

‘And also that’s where I spent my money – all the money I saved from going out and everything else, I then put into comics and my collection.

‘Something where I can look around and be proud of.’

 One of the oldest items in Gareth’s collection is a figurine of Deadpool holding a rubber chicken, which his aunt sourced for him.

He said: ‘ It just made it so different and funny.

‘Compared to all the other statues that you saw, which was serious and museum poses.

Gareth read his first Deadpool comic book at the age of five and was ‘completely hooked’ by the stories

Pictured: Gareth surrounded by the 2,250 pieces of Deadpool merchandise he owns. He acquires between 20 to 40 new items every month

Gareth says his seven-year-old son Liam is a fan of the ‘comic cave’ too and will spend hours with him in there

‘And there’s a sentimental story that goes with this – my aunt was able to get it for me and bring it back to me when I was living in South Africa.’

Another one of Gareth’s favourites is a rare Deadpool bust used when moulding the character’s mask in the first film, which is signed by Marvel comic book creator Stan Lee and actor Ryan Reynolds.

What’s more, Gareth says he ‘couldn’t have imagined’ another actor playing Deadpool.

Praising Ryan’s performance, he added: ‘I think what’s really great is that he’s a dad too and you can see he makes time for his family – he’s just a really good guy.’

As well as bringing him huge joy, Gareth says his seven-year-old son Liam is a fan of the ‘comic cave’ too.

‘He absolutely loves it,’ Gareth said. ‘He will come sit downstairs with me, he loves being down there.’

Gareth also has a YouTube channel dedicated to weekly comics and entertainment news, as well as item reviews in his Deadpool collection.

‘I don’t think I’ll ever stop,’ he said. ‘I will continue to keep collecting as long as I’m able to.’

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