Extreme body modification fan spends £12.5k to look as ‘inhuman as possible’

A “Human Puzzle” who has turned his face into a board game and wants to look as “inhuman as possible” has spent a whopping £12,500 on body modifications and ink.

The man, known only by his Instagram handle – Black Depression – has spent years transforming himself using bizarre face ink.

The body modification artist, from the Ore Mountains, Germany, has shelled out €15,000 (around £12,500) on his look so far and takes his inspiration from games.

He even admits he wants to look as far from human as he’s able to achieve.

The 28-year-old has a variety of puzzle pieces and jigsaw tiles inked across his forehead, jaw and cheeks – some are left transparent while others are filled in with colours like red, green, blue and pink.

The tattoos stretch down his neck and shoulders.

Plus, the 28-year-old has also surgically removed chunks of his ear cartilage in a brutal procedure.

He’s also had both earlobes and nostrils pierced and stretched – and he’s tattooed the whites of his eyeballs in a jet black shade.

Eyeball tattooing, also known as scleral tattooing, injects the ink between two layers of the eye where it spreads out over a large area.

The pigment rests under the eye's thin top layer, or conjunctiva.

Few professionals are comfortable performing the procedure which has lead to blindness in some body mod extremists.

German artist, Black Depression, also has both rows of teeth crowned in titanium.

“Body modification has fascinated me for many years. I can do my individual thing, not the same as what others do," he commented.

“I can create and change my body as I would like it to be.

"I don’t follow a trend like many other people.

"Over the years I developed my own trend, which nobody else wears.

“I go to different body mod artists around the world, and I also perform some procedures on myself."

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Black Depression first began his journey when he was 20 years old, opting for a tongue splitting procedure – a modification that is illegal in England and Wales as of 2018.

This is because it can lead to severe loss of blood, nerve damage and difficulty breathing.

He said: “I started body modification at the age of 20.

"My first procedure was to split my tongue. Then half of my auricle [visible portion of external ear] was amputated on both sides.”

But, he’s not satisfied with his look yet and plans to have further tattoos and surgeries soon.

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