Ew! Adrienne Bailon Disgusts Twitter With Her Fruit Punch Tuna Sandwich

Adrienne Bailon loves a weird food combo! The former Cheetah Girl released a new installment of her All Things Adrienne YouTube series earlier this month, and in the video Bailon, 35, talks candidly about her taste buds.

More specifically, the star opens up about some of the downright cringeworthy food combos she can’t get enough of. First up? A stomach-churning take on tuna salad. “I’ve been told that I make the most incredible tuna fish salad, like you guys don’t even understand,” she proudly declared. “My tuna fish does not taste fishy, number one, and number two it’s got mad flavor.”

Bailon’s tuna starts out like most takes on the deli staple – fish mixed with mayonnaise and seasoned with salt and pepper – but then it goes off the rails. “Just when you thought I was done, some fruit punch,” the New York native said as she poured a cup of bright red Hawaiian Punch into the bowl of seasoned fish.

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    “As you can see I have a problem,” Bailon added, noting that she first engineered this meal while in high school. “I made myself tuna fish and I was like ‘This isn’t doing much for my tastebuds.’ I just had really high-end taste buds with a low-class budget.”

    Calling her creation “amazing,” the The Real cohost boasted, “No one can tell me that doesn’t taste bomb.”

    To add insult to injury, Bailon continued to feast on her tuna-fruit punch combo and even dipped a tuna sandwich into a cup of fruit punch after taking a bite and determining the dish lacked some flavor. “It needs to be dipped,” she explained before taking another bite of the now-soggy bread.

    Defending the unlikely duo, Bailon said of tuna salad: “People put apples in it; same concept!”

    Though the former 3LW member is seemingly aware that her penchant for fruit punch-flavored tuna is weird, she’s standing by it. “I’m just telling you right now, if you have not tried this, I’m not saying walk away from my YouTube show right now, but maybe pause it, get your ingredients together and watch the rest of this episode with a tuna Hawaiian Punch sandwich.”

    Twitter users, however, were thoroughly grossed out by one of Bailon’s favorite meals. Check out some hilarious reactions below:

    Watching Adrienne Bailon dip a tuna fish sandwich into fruit punch is not what I needed today.

    I just watched Adrienne Bailon make tuna fish with fruit punch mixed in it. I…….

    i can’t stop thinking of how adrienne bailon dipped her tuna sandwich in kool aid

    Every time I finally start to get the image of Adrienne Bailon dipping a fruit punch-infused tuna sandwich into a glass of MORE fruit punch out of my head, y’all put it back on my damn timeline. I WANT IT GONE

    adrienne bailon really out here dipping her tuna sandwich in fruit punch

    I don’t know why I spend as much time as I do on YouTube but Adrienne Bailon literally uses koolaid to make tuna and my stomach HURTS pic.twitter.com/L50anEHCU6

    It’s been three days and I’m still disgusted by Adrienne Bailon’s tuna and fruit punch sandwich pic.twitter.com/FSl1e1sywl

    Just watched the full vid of Adrienne Bailon making her tuna fish sandwich and this woman mixes fruit punch INSIDE the tuna before dipping her sandwich in it pic.twitter.com/Vpdkcb2rOI

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