EW 2018 pop culture awards for our favorite TV shows, movies, albums

Best (and worst) drinking buddies

Give Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant another round for Can You Ever Forgive Me?.

Cutest cupcakes

Tully: Minion-themed or not, she must’ve pulled an all-nighter to make these!

Top catchphrase

“Gucci!” From the coolest girl in the world, Kayla (Elsie Fisher) in Eighth Grade.

Best use of a ferris wheel

Simon and Bram’s long-awaited first kiss in Love, Simon.

Best use of a helicopter

Cher’s entrance in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. (Sorry, Mission: Impossible — Fallout!)

Best Tilda Swinton of Tilda Swinton’s three Suspiria roles

Blanc. Dr. Klemperer knows what happens to those who vote Markos.

Voice actor who sounds like what a dog would sound like if dogs talked

Bryan Cranston, Isle of Dogs.

Best voiceover, like, totally

Michael Peña as Luis is all, like, “Oh cool, I’m in Ant-Man & the Wasp.”

Best solo

Alex Honnold, the climber hanging on by his fingernails in Free Solo. (Sorry, Han!)

Best duo

Christian Bale and Amy Adams as Dick and Lynne Cheney in Vice. Practically Shakespearean.

Worst tribute

Madonna for Aretha at the VMAs. Madge honored the Queen of Soul by paying tribute to herself.

Best walker of the walk

Kenny Chesney, who donated all the proceeds of Songs for the Saints to hurricane victims in the islands.

Angriest album

Eminem’s Kamikaze. Slim Shady torches anyone who’s ever looked at him sideways on this surprise drop.

Most dramatic band beef

Fleetwood Mac. A split ends with a heartbreaker for guitarist Lindsey Buckingham.

Best 2000’s nostalgia

Anne-Marie. On “2002,” the singer throws us back to the double-denim era of Britney and *NSYNC.

Best use of features

Mariah Carey. On “Giving Me Life,” the diva invites Slick Rick and Blood Orange over for a vibe-y jam.

Biggest triple threat

Cody Fern as a sweet ex on Versace, Satan’s son on AHS, a snotty scion on HoC. Three roles, one tour de force year.

Triple threat

The Gifted’s Skyler Samuels gives three, well, gifted performances as the diverse (but identical) trio of Frost sisters.

Most ironically titled show

Life Sentence got 13 episodes. At least it lasted 11 hours longer than 2013’s Lucky 7.

Most dysfunctional family therapy session

Succession’s Roy family proved money can buy drama but not sanity.

Show that made us scared of a house

The Haunting of Hill House made our remodeling contractor nightmare seem quaint.

Show that made us scared of the White House

The Handmaid’s Tale just seems a little too prophetic in 2018.

Best use of a Hemsworth

The Good Place’s Larry Hemsworth (Ben Lawson) is fictional, but fits just fine in our Hems-bro dreams.

Worst use of a Hemsworth

Westworld, where the third Hemsworth, Luke, has had practically nothing to do…for two seasons.

Longest vacation

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation Part 2 cast GTL’d together in Las Vegas…and Seaside Heights…and Atlantic City.

Best use of an SNL star

Picture Stefon covering his mouth in captivated horror as he watched Bill Hader go next level on Barry.

Worst use of SNL stars

Remember anything about Colin Jost and Michael Che hosting the Emmys? (Besides the unrelated proposal.)

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