‘Empire’ Recap: Kingsley & Lucious Come Face-To-Face & Andre’s Cancer Battle Takes A Turn

Kingsley demands the truth from Lucious on the April 17 episode of ‘Empire’ and he gets it. Plus, Cookie gets closer to Damon Cross while Andre gets a major update about his health.

Everyone is praying for Andre to beat this cancer. Teri, Cookie, and Lucious are doing whatever they can to help. It’s been 6 weeks since Andre’s diagnosis and he’s fighting cancer valiantly. Cookie is terrified that Andre might die. Lucious wants her to stop with the negative thoughts. Cookie needs someone to be her sounding board so she goes to Damon Cross. They have dinner together and he makes her feel heard. “I’m always going to be here for you,” Damon says. Carol warns Cookie that Damon is a threat to her marriage

Conway is demanding an answer from Kingsley about taking Lucious down. She really needs him to wear a wire so she can find out about the money Lucious got from Panama. Kingsley takes the wire and agrees to talk with Lucious. Meanwhile, Lucious goes to see Tracy. He doesn’t understand why he’s getting all this hate from Kingsley. Lucious didn’t even know he existed until a few months ago. “You turned my son into my enemy,” Lucious tells Tracy. Despite everything, he wants to have a relationship with Kingsley. But that’s all up to Kingsley.

Kingsley goes to Empire to talk with Lucious. He tries to get Lucious to open up about the Panama deal and his mom. Lucious is adamant that he never touched the drugs Tracy got addicted to. He was just a hustler. When Kingsley begins talking about money, Lucious knows he’s is up to something. Lucious knows this game very well. Kingsley walks away empty-handed and goes back to his mom. Tracy swears Lucious used crack and even claims that Lucious said he would “beat” Kingsley out of her when he found out she was pregnant.

Teri is leaning on her faith during Andre’s hard time. Andre opens up about his complicated relationship with God. He talks about losing Rhonda and their unborn baby. Teri refuses to stop believing in God, but she won’t press Andre any more on the topic. Later, Andre learns from the doctor that he could be cancer free after the next treatment.

Cookie goes to Damon to celebrate Andre. When they start getting a little too comfortable, Cookie remembers what Carol said. She instantly grabs her things and leaves. As Cookie is dropping Damon like a hot potato, Kingsley returns to Empire demanding the truth about what happened between Lucious and Tracy. Kingsley tells Lucious that his mother constantly told him that his father never wanted him. “That’s the furthest thing from the truth, son,” Lucious says. They both break down in tears. “Let me be your father,” Lucious tells his son.

Kingsley goes back to Conway and says he’s done being her snitch. He’s ready to be a Lyon. But Conway is not going to stop. She’s willing to take down all the Lyons, including Kingsley. Kingsley joins Lucious for a family dinner at the Lyon mansion. He wants a fresh start with everyone. Once the brief awkward moment passes, the family opens up and lets Kingsley in. Jamal makes an exciting announcement. He and Kai want to get married as soon as possible.

The episode ends with the Empire Trust tour being searched by Conway and the FBI. The tour was just getting back on track, especially when Devon made his big debut. Conway tells Becky that the tour buses are being searched because there is reason to believe Lucious is moving narcotics across the country. She also says that the Trust tour is over.

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