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NEED a new phone, and that won't cost you an arm? We've spotted a great Android deal on eBay.

The online store has an excellent offer on a refurbished Samsung Galaxy A13 for only £110 – saving you £50 when compared to the brand-new version.

  • Samsung Galaxy A13 (refurbished), £110 – buy from eBay

We spotted this handset on eBay's refurbished page, and we recommend taking a look through if you're on the hunt for Apple or Android tech on the cheaper side.

Refurbs also tend to give you a better deal without skimping on the capabilities and functions of the device.

A brand-new handset is usually priced at £170, though admittedly, it's currently on sale for £150 at Amazon but still nets you a great saving of £50 even with Amazon's sale.

Samsung tends to release cheaper Android phones alongside their flagship handsets in order to cater to those that are not looking for the bank-breaking main release but still want reliable tech.

This smartphone is also a hit with customers as well – eBay has marked the page with a caption saying 420 units have been sold.

And with 4 left available, we recommend buying soon.

If, for whatever reason, you need to kit out more than just yourself with this piece of Android tech, you can grab up to three at once, taking the cost down to £107 each to bag you even more of a discount.

The lower price isn't the only thing drawing customers to purchase this device, as Samsung has been one of the giants on Team Android for a while and always packs its devices with extremely reliable tech.

Looking at the tech, the phone sports a 6.6-inch screen – larger than the flagship Apple phone – so endless scrolling will be a breeze.

No corners are cut in terms of screen quality; the A13 has an Infinity V display with FHD+ technology, so the content will come across sharper and clearer.

If you're a friend that captures unforgettable memories, this device has you covered as well. With a 50-megapixel camera, you won't miss any details, especially with its extra-wide zoom capabilities, and if you're looking to take close-ups, you have the macro camera.

For those concerned about the quality of phones on refurbished devices, they come inspected, tested and checked by professionals.

With a rating of 'excellent', there will be no noticeable cosmetic damages on the device either, so it will likely feel like it's new out of the box.

  • Samsung Galaxy A13 (refurbished), £110 – buy from eBay

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