Earth Day 2021: What is Earth Day? FIVE activities you can do

Earth Day: NASA celebrates 50th anniversary of annual event

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Earth Day, one of the few occasions centred around global cooperation, takes place tomorrow. Billions of people have actively engaged in the event since its debut in 1970. But billions more are unaware of its existence and the many ways it can help improve the environment.

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is an often overlooked event celebrated around the world.

The occasion comes once a year and helps people consider their impact on the planet.

Organisers have helped motivate participants to make a conscious change to the environment since 1970 via several initiatives.

Spread the word

One of the first things people can do for Earth Day is raise awareness.

Although billions of people take part each year, the most profound change comes when everyone does something.

Posting on social media, sharing the official website ( and coordinating one of the following activities can help amplify the message.

Go dark

While you can’t see the emissions from electricity, it is still a polluter.

The energy people use to light their homes and power their technology often comes from fossil fuels.

Reducing electricity usage by turning off unnecessary lights means companies use fewer harmful fuels, ultimately helping to clean up the atmosphere.

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Plant trees

Trees generate the oxygen we breathe, and their populations are dwindling, especially in urban areas.

People can contribute to their community by planting new ones, which has the added benefit of attracting and cultivating local wildlife.

And parents can use the opportunity to create a fun activity for their children while teaching them about the world.


People can use Earth Day as an opportunity to enjoy some post-lockdown time outside.

Several organisations seek volunteers to help clean up local areas which attract rubbish.

Those who help may find they make friends or come to appreciate nature more while aiding the environment.

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