Drew Barrymore Drops 25 lbs — Her Exact Diet & Workout That Worked

Drew Barrymore looks absolutely amazing after losing an impressive 25 lbs and we’ve got the EXCLUSIVE details on the diet and workout routine that helped her do it.

Drew Barrymore, 43, is looking fantastic these days after losing an incredible 25 lbs and we’re finding out just how she was able to to do it! A source close to the talented actress EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife all about the exact diet and workout routine that helped Drew in her weight loss journey and the reasons she wanted to drop the pounds.

“Drew really wanted to get in shape, her weight has fluctuated her whole life but as she’s gotten older she’s definitely started finding it harder to drop the weight than gain it,” the source explained. “She worked really hard to lose the 25 lbs, it wasn’t an easy loss by any means, she cut out all processed foods and ate really clean, lots of fresh veggies and salads, as well as pulses and then she ate nuts for a snack if she was feeling hungry between meals. Drew also cut out carbs from her diet and upped her intake of protein, so lots of lean chicken and fish as well as the occasional steak.”

In addition to healthy food, Drew’s personal training plan helped her to achieve the results she was looking for. “The main factor was her workouts, Drew worked out every day with her trainer Marnie, who put her through a rigorous routine,” the source continued. “Marnie devised a special plan for Drew with lots of variety so she didn’t get bored, it was very cardio heavy and involved a lot of circuit training as well as kick boxing and pilates. Drew was realistic about her weight loss goal, she didn’t want to go on some crazy crash diet, she wanted to lose the weight over a period of time that was good for her body and her metabolism. The result is clear for everybody to see—Drew looks amazing, and she feels even better.”

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