Doorman ‘dragged screaming teenager out of nightclub by her ankles’

A young clubber "couldn’t even dress herself" after she claims a doorman "dragged her screaming by her ankles" out of a nightclub.

Brooke Turner claims that a doorman shoved her in the back so hard that he fractured her shoulder – even though she maintains she had done nothing wrong.

The 18-year-old said the injury meant she struggled with everyday tasks and could not even take a bath or get dressed without help, report the Chronicle Live.

Just before 11pm on Saturday, October 13, Brooke and two friends took the Metro from her home in Newcastle to the City Vaults nightclub in the city centre.

After a couple of hours of partying, she was queuing at the bar for a drink when Brooke said a woman next to her started filming the club’s dancers on her phone.

Brook said a few minutes later a doorman appeared and asked her to follow him outside where she said he accused her of recording indoors without permission.

She said she was in the middle of explaining to the manager that the doorman had got the wrong person when the she claims the woman who was filming walked outside and admitted it had been her who was actually at fault.

Brooke said she was allowed back into the club but alleges that ten minutes later the same doorman came to the dance floor and demanded that she leave the club.

Brooke said: "I managed to get back inside because they had to rush off to split up a fight.

"Yet about 15 minutes after that a second doorman grabbed me and said ‘you’ve been told to get out, now get out now’."

Brooke says she tried to explain that the manager had said she could return to the dance floor but she claims the doorman would not listen and began pushing her towards the exit.

"I said ‘stop pushing me about’ and then I just sat down on the floor so he couldn’t move me", she said.

Brooke claims that the bouncer suddenly clasped his hands around her feet and began to drag her through the nightclub on her back.

"I tried to grab on to things and was screaming for him to stop dragging me.

"At one point he pulled my shoe off and chucked it away.

"In the middle of the bar he stopped pulling and I told him to get my shoe because I didn’t want to walk through the area in my socks."

Brooke claims the bouncer ignored this request and she was pulled out of the main area and into the corridor where the doorman told her to get up and leave.

As she stood up and turned to leave the nightclub, she alleges he shoved her in the back, sending her flying forwards and smacking into the floor.

"I felt my shoulder snap", Brooke said. "I felt it break and I felt sick and started to cry."

Brooke said she took a taxi to the Royal Victoria Infirmary where she said an X-Ray revealed her collarbone had been fractured.

Her arm was put in a sling and, although she has escaped needing an operation for now, she said she has to have bi-weekly check-ups to monitor the recovery.

She said: "I live on my own but I’ve had my mum looking after me.

"I was unable to bath myself and couldn’t even get myself dressed.

"It also made my anxiety much worse. I haven’t been clubbing since and it will be a long time before I go again."

She claims her £480 iPhone which she was holding, was cracked during the alleged incident – which she had to pay £50 to replace.

A spokesperson from the club said they had handed CCTV over to the police and couldn’t comment further at this stage.

Northumbria Police’s investigation into the incident is ongoing.

A spokesperson Northumbria Police said: "We are investigating a report of assault at City Vaults, Newcastle, in the early hours of October 13.

"A 30-year-old man has been spoken to by officers as a voluntary attender. Enquiries are ongoing into the incident."

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