Demonic goth transforms to girly princess and doesn’t recognise ‘evil’ woman

A goth whose style is inspired by demonic possessions underwent an eye-popping transformation by turning into a glamorous girly girl – and said she looked more "evil" than before.

Shanny Webb, 25, took part in the experiment for an episode of Hooked On The Look.

And she was left unrecognisable after a professional makeup artist showed what she’d look like as a princess.

Her 20 tattoos were covered up and her gothic eye contacts were removed before she was glammed up with pink eyelashes and sparkling lip gloss.

Rocking a pretty blue dress, Shanny, who has 10 piercings and ears stretching 42mm, was given a wig to complete the extreme transformation.

She even stepped into high heels for the first time in her life.

Afterwards, she told the Daily Star: “I didn’t recognise myself. It took hours to do because of all my tattoos.

“My first reaction was a bit like, 'what the f***?' I thought I looked quite evil compared to my normal self.

“In fairness I didn’t actually think it was awful, I didn’t hate the look, it was just totally different to what I go for.

“But the thing I did hate was being in a dress and heels – I wouldn’t ever do that again.”

Shanny, who lives in Brighton, said she enjoyed the experience but said one time was more than enough.

She also said seeing herself in such a feminine way made her appreciate just how much she loves her own style.

The self-described tomboy said her look is inspired by nu metal goth and demonic possessions from TV.

But her dark clothing often leads to people staring at her on the street.

She said: “I usually laugh it off because it is going to happen because of the way I look, it is an attention catcher.”

But Shanny insisted her personality was completely different to what outsiders assume.

She added: “People do think I must be rude and not that friendly or approachable but I’m actually really fun!”

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