Daily horoscope for November 8: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Sunday’s horoscope begins with the Moon remaining in the star sign Leo, where it Sextiles Venus on Libra. The Sextile is an aspect arriving when a planetary pair is two signs apart in the Zodiac.

YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott believes love planet Venus is in her element today.

Venus adores Love, while the Leo Moon is also in love – with itself

Gregory Scott

He said: “Venus adores Love, while the Leo Moon is also in love – with itself.

“This is a really nice combination, because both you and other people are in a good place, and you come together.”

Also in the mix this Sunday is the Leo Moon forming a Trine with Mars in Aries.

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Trines are aspects taking place when a pair of celestial bodies are roughly 120 degrees apart.

Mr Scott said: “This does not just involve having fun and believing in yourself.

“This also results in being confident and getting results done.

“And it is the kind of day where you can build evidence that you really are good enough and independent.

“The ego mind takes all these diligent notes of our failures.

“But we don’t really take enough notice of our successes, meaning you should always focus on what you have just achieved.”

Mars in Aries not only makes it clear how far you have come but also how well you are doing.

This combination also imbues you with the confidence to focus on all your past achievements.

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This can involve taking certain exciting risks with future ambitious projects during the day.

Mr Scott added: “This is something you can be excited about and if it pays-off, it will go very well.

“So it is very important you attempt anything in your life that is not guaranteed, but could have a great reward this on Sunday.”

And finally, the Leo Moon creates a Square with the Sun in the star sign Scorpio this Sunday.

Squares are aspects considered capable of revealing tensions, and issues affecting a wide array of people.

Mr Scott thinks there will be plenty of powerful energy in the astrological atmosphere as the day turns to dusk.

He said: “Think about Leo the Lion and Scorpio – those two are formidable foes.

“This is an intense, powerful, dangerous and scary situation, so feelings are elevated and there is a real sense of risk.

“And if you are a bit of a daredevil, you will love the last of the weekend.”

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