Daily horoscope for November 12: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Today’s horoscope sees the Moon transition from Virgo the Maiden to Libra – the seventh sign of the zodiac. In Western astrology, Libra is the diplomat, the just, the communicator. People with a strong Libra influence in their star charts are said to be cooperative individuals who cherish grace and harmony above all.

Libras are natural peacekeepers but this comes at a cost – they hate to be alone.

Consequently, this cosmic influence can suffer from indecisiveness and a fear of confrontation.

Today, this will present itself in a need to find balance and harmony in everything that you do.

There will be a need to stay on top of things, keeping them pristine and preserved.

But you should not allow this desire to maintain the status quo to get in the way of expressing your feelings.

It might seem challenging, but you must learn to share what is going on behind the facade – whether it be good or bad.

Have confidence in yourself and trust your heart to know what is best for you.

The Moon in Libra is joined today by the Sun in Scorpio – the eighth sign of the celestial zodiac.

Astrologer Debra Silverman of Debra Silverman Astrology expects the two to mix particularly well.

She sees Libra as the “healer” paired with Scorpio “the deep thinker”.

Consequently, the next few days are bound to be a great time to think about your relationships.

And not just from a romantic perspective – use this time to think about your business dealings as well.

Ms Silverman said: “Libras are not just romantic partners and Scorpios are not just sexual.

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“It gets me frustrated when Scorpio gets locked into that box of sexual, and Libra gets locked into that box of relationship.”

Instead, the astrologer believes the Sun in Scorpio is gifted with intimacy.

Scorpio wants to get to know you on a level that is no exclusively physical.

Similarly, Libra is not exclusively tied to personal relationships – it’s very open-minded.

Ms Silverman said: “So it’s a wonderful Wednesday and Thursday.

“It’s a great time with Scorpio and Libra to really give yourself a chance to say, ‘All the relations in my world.'”

Think about how you are dealing with them and what your role is within these relationships.

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