Daily horoscope for May 26: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Today’s horoscope kicks off with a powerful lunar eclipse in the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini. The Full Moon, which entered Sagittarius today, will pass into the shadow cast by Earth in the afternoon (UK time) and reemerge as the Blood Moon. Today’s eclipse is the first of the year and sets the scene for a very potent lunar aspect.

The Sun and Moon are in opposition today – they face each other at a 180-degree angle.

This aspect opens up routes of communication and facilitates the free flow of energy.

According to Debra Silverman of Astrology Answers, the duo is being additionally Squared by Jupiter in Pisces at 90 degrees.

All of that energy goes on to be released in Virgo and chances are you have felt it building for quite a while now.

The astrologer said: “Energy’s building, lot’s of chi in the sky, Full Moon in Sag.

“Loud, excitable, foreign countries, other languages, being interested in philosophy, open-mindedness.

“If a baby were born with this, they’d come in with this really enthusiastic, energetic that would say, ‘I’m so excited.'”

The charm of combining Gemini and Sagittarius in this fashion, is they get along like a house on fire.

Gemini is an Air sign and Sagittarius is Fire – two elements that mix perfectly, just like Water and Earth do.

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The two signs are always opposite to one another but that works well in their favour.

Ms Silverman believes this creates an explosive mix where excitement and the desire to have fun come to the fore.

Even if you are an adult, there is an overwhelming desire to release your inner child.

The astrologer said: “Now, because they’re both mutable, which is the indication they’re in the same mode, that means they’re both very flexible and they change their minds.”

It may feel like there is a lot going on right now in the skies.

Your world may also feel a little bit shaky due to all of this mutable energy.

But this is where Jupiter in Pisces, thankfully, comes to the rescue.

Pisces wants to ask a million questions and curiosity takes over.

Ms Silverman said: “This is like a Gemini-Sag dream.”

They exaggerate and make up stories and build their own version of reality.

During a Full Moon, the astrologer said you may say things you don’t quite mean because of the tension bearing down from the heavens.

And once it all releases in the Virgo T-Square, grab a pen and some paper and start drafting a list of all the things you need to get done and figure out your goals.

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