Daily horoscope for January 23: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Thursday is a very specific day for your horoscope, with very positive connotations for communication, planning and introspection. This is because Earth’s natural satellite will be invisible as the New Moon tomorrow arrives in Aquarius.

Astrologer Marina Stoichkova, from MarStars Astrology, believes you should consequently take extra care on Thursday.

There will likely be some surprises in store

MarStars Astrology’s Marina Stoichkova

She said: “This position does not mean you anything dangerous will take place – it just means the day will not be particularly productive.

“This is especially the case if you are eager to achieve any results immediately.

“This can be a challenge, so try and prepare in place of working on projects.”

However, the Capricorn Moon has another side to it, making you more serious and focussed on more practical matters.

This is an important aspect as it coincides with the Sun making a Square with Uranus.

Ms Stoichkova said: “Probably whatever you are planning will change, so there will likely be some surprises in store.

“But this may also relate to your own decisions, which can change.


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“You should also exhibit caution with how you communicate, especially with groups of people.”

Another interesting aspect is the minor positive Semi-Sextile combination with Jupiter in Capricorn.

This aspect coincides with Venus in Pisces also making a Sextile with the gas giant.

The astrologer said: “We therefore have a closed positive Configuration between three planets.”

The MarStars Astrology expert believes this is very beneficial news for your horosccope.

She said: “We can prepare, plan and concentrate on organising your affairs.

“Mercury is the most important planet, as it is the focal point for this configuration.

“As a result, spend the day on concentrating and visualising what you want to achieve on Thursday.

“Think what you want to happen to your goals in the future.”

Events involving communication may actually receive a boost, despite the presence of the stressful Uranus energy.

So despite the potential disruption, this position is also considered positive.

This aspect is ideal for taking stock and deciding exactly which concrete goals you love can be achieved.

Here, Mercury and Venus are really strong as both are Exalted.

Because of this, communicating with other people – especially woman – can be rewarded.

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